Marketing, Advertising and Journalism: the university majors with the most exits

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Marketing, Advertising and Journalism: the university majors with the most exits

In this post, we are going to analyze the university careers with the most future today, due to their variety of professional options. Without a doubt Singapore Phone Number List and Advertising together with Journalism are studies that are related to each other and that allow you to develop your creativity by planning Marketing actions and communication strategies.One of the most frequent questions at the end of the degree is what now? At that moment is when you must look to the future, know what you want to do to achieve the economic stability that we all want. First of all, congratulations! You have undoubtedly succeeded in your career because of the endless possibilities it offers you, but do you know the ones that are currently most in demand? Let’s go to trouble!
Many of the professions that we will tell you about here are related to each other, so having studied one of these branches does not limit you to occupying a position in another. In addition, there are three modalities on the rise: freelance, teaching and entrepreneurship
Seems obvious doesn’t it? There are many options: magazines, television, newspapers, websites … Your job as a journalist will be to cover events , support the writing or perform other tasks that we do not have in mind with this job, such as paperwork.It should not be forgotten that technologies have brought new professions, which have been embraced by journalism due to its very nature:Community Management
We could say that he is the corporate journalist of the digital age . Their tasks consist of managing the social networks of companies, institutions or organizations. Companies seek to attract and retain customers to create a community . Does this profile seem interesting to you? Learn much more!
Content SEO Specialist

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SEO is a discipline based on optimizing websites  Buy View Like and their content so that they improve their search engine positioning and appear in the best positions on Bing, Google, etc. There are some writing techniques that help to position the web in the search engine therefore there is a clear need for a writer.Digital marketing
Many journalists complement their training with studies in marketing, especially in the digital field. Nothing better than a journalist to communicate the truth? Marketing will help sell and work a 10 communication will make the results even betterMost in-demand marketing career opportunities
This year, he has taught us the importance of having your business with an Internet presence. The consumer has also changed, he is more technological, immediate and demanding when it comes to acquiring any product he wants to have access to it practically anywhere. I am going to show you the most demanded Digital Marketing positions in this 2020 .Digital Marketing Manager
He is in charge of making the digital marketing plan in order to carry it out. Among its main functions is the analysis of the competition and the trends of the sector, the development of the digital strategy, and the making of strategic decisions.Community ManageThe Community Manager is responsible for carrying out the strategy in social networks. Although this profile has a tendency to overlap with various functions in small companies, it mainly audits RRSS, designs and executes Social Media strategies and measures its performanceSEO specialist
What is the use of having a beautiful website if it does not attract visitors and potential customers? This is where the SEO Consultant comes into play.As I have already mentioned above, it is undoubtedly one of the crucial positions for any business. Its objective is to appear in the first positions in search engines through your most important keywords (or keywords ).Web Analyst

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The web analyst is the person in charge of measuring, analyzing and drawing conclusions from all the actions carried out on the internet. You can launch hundreds of actions on social networks, work on SEO, activate advertising campaigns on the internet … but if there is no analytics, there is no data. And one of the best things about the digital channel is that… everything can be measured!ontent Marketing Specialist
Content marketing is one more area and we can fit it into Inbound Marketing. A specialist in this area will be in charge of analyzing and understanding exactly what users need and how they can deliver it so that they end up deciding on your brandhat is, stop talking about your product and start thinking about what your users really need
Although web design needs a separate mention, it is a basic position and one of the most demanded. If a company wants to have a presence on the Internet, it must have a web or mobile application. Its main functions are the installation and configuration of the CMS and essential plugins, creation of the web structure and briefing with the client to meet all their needs.Most demanded advertising career opportunities
Advertising professionals are responsible for offering an optimal image of the company abroad and contact with the public. Still don’t know where you can work after your degree? I will give you a brief summary of the professional opportunities with the most future within these university studies.Digital Advertising Specialist
One of the most demanded professional profiles by companies now and in the following years. You can’t get an idea of ​​the businesses that fail because they don’t have visibility, and if they don’t know you, it’s impossible for them to know the products you offer!One of the priorities of the PPC Specialist is to manage the advertising campaigns of the brands in digital media.The Account Executive or Digital Account Manager is responsible for managing the company’s accounts, his main function is to be the link between the company and the client in a long-term period. Other of their tasks are to analyze and collect all possible customer information to increase customer satisfaction and get new accounts.Creative director

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He is responsible for directing the process of communication, design and launch of services or products of the company, ensuring that the strategy is consistent and related to the brand. In addition, your vision is essential in determining the marketing, sales and advertising strategy through your clear interpretation of the demands of consumers.Therefore, the impact of your decisions covers all departments of the company .This technological profile is gaining importance thanks to the boom in content marketing. Among its main activities we find:Write, structure and correct texts or advertisements for Twitter, Facebook or any social network.Write websites and email and automation campaigns.
Creation of the content plan and study of keywords.
Define the communication strategy, setting the tone and style.
Etc.What to do after graduating from college?
For many of you it will be the big question, now what? Your head is full of pros and cons without knowing what the correct decision will be. Let’s go there! From my experience I will list certain options for you, surely some you hadn’t even thought of.

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