Making people feel that they are not making suggestions but looking for faults,

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Making people feel that they are not making suggestions but looking for faults,

Because I like to express and  like to share. I have often South Korea Mobile Number published design tutorials and opinions on Zunku in recent years. I also insist on publishing some more valuable articles on my public account. Becoming a knowledge disseminator is equivalent to walking from behind the scenes to the public. So naturally, you must be prepared to face all kinds of voices.

And I did meet many, many different kinds of people, and naturally I have long been accustomed to all kinds of evaluations and suggestions.

I have found several phenomena.

For example, some people will make South Korea Mobile Number suggestions in particular, so that people are willing to believe them; but some people will not make suggestions in particular.  just to vent. Selfish desires such as dissatisfaction, jealousy, etc.

Some people’s suggestions are particularly practical and high-level, which makes people nod and praise; but some people’s suggestions feel very ignorant, and they think they are special. The key is that they insist that you press his advice. The attitude of meaning.

If it were you, who would you rather listen to?

South Korea Mobile Number
South Korea Mobile Number


Whose suggestions are more likely to be adopted? Well, the answer is of course obvious at a glance.

For those who can make suggestions, those with high-level suggestions, you will be very grateful to them, and even willing to pay to let them continue to make suggestions; but for those who can’t make suggestions, you can’t wait for them to shut up quickly, even if ta in turn pays you to listen to his advice, you are too lazy to ask for it, just want to keep your ears clean (of course, as long as the money is in place, such as five million or something, I am still willing to listen).

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