Long live email marketing

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Long live email marketing

But, there are still many users and brands that ask the question: “why am I going to use email marketing, if no one is going to read it?” Well, it’s a normal question, but I’m going to give you some good reasons why email FRANCE BUSINESS EMAIL LIST  is a great tool for your business or company, no matter what the size.With social networks in full boom, it is very tempting to think that this is the best way to reach users and make ourselves known, but the truth is that, despite what many people believe, email marketing has not died, nor was it partying, but is still there, as current as ever. You need the email to register on any platform or in any application, even to create a profile on social networks, and then that email is used to send you notifications. So be fooled, email is the currency of the web, and email marketing is the wallet.

One question, if you had to choose between winning a subscriber on your website or a fan on Facebook, what would you prefer? I, without a doubt, stay with the subscriber, and it is simply because not all fans on Facebook receive – they see a publication that I put, because Facebook limits the scope of my publications, but, if I send an email to my list subscribers, it will reach everyone, regardless of whether they open it or not.


On the other hand, if you have a subscriber on your website, it is sure that they are interested in what you offer, while on social networks they can follow you for many other reasons, not just because they are interested.Most marketers want conversions, and it doesn’t matter in  Buy View Like  what form these conversions arrive, although it all depends on the goal you set for yourself. And for this, the best channel is email. According to independent studies, the CTR of an email campaign is 3%, while that of Twitter, for example, is 0.5%. This means that 6 times more users will click on an email than on a tweet.
Also, it can be measured. Each platform offers you statistics such as opens, bounces or users who have unsubscribed from the mailing list.REASON 4: THERE ARE MANY EMAIL MARKETING TOOLSYes, and you only have to choose the tool that best suits your needs, either free or paid, but it has to be an easy-to-use one that you feel comfortable with.

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