Keynote Speaker And The Author

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Keynote Speaker And The Author

Okay. And so this was a credibility game, if there ever was one. In fact, science, I think, Chandler, I think you’d be very fascinated to hear this. People think of science as a cold, clear, black and white objective. It either works or it doesn’t. Proof based profession. And in theory it is. But there’s a problem. And the problem is. Almost any scientific experiment that gets done now. Anywhere, any university, any city, any state, anywhere in the world. Is so complex and so subtle. And understood by such a small number of people.

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That even other professional scientists France Mobile Database mostly have to take each other’s word for it. If an organic chemist says something about organic chemistry. A physiologist does not have the expertise to know whether he’s telling the truth or not. He has to rely on: Publishing street cred. Number of papers. Number of grants. How many letters buy in their name? That’s how they judge you. So in a sense. Science is a more subjective field than you buying groceries at the grocery store. When you you buy a can of beans, you open the beans, you can see what the beans are.

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And everybody understands what beans are. But if you see a press release about the latest Nobel Prize or something, you don’t have any ability to know whether that’s legit or not. It’s not a Buy View Like can of beans. Mm hmm. So science is marketing. Science? Almost everything that you and I call science is really marketing.

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Because you have a hypothesis, you do a test, you see the data, and you have a level of confidence in that test one way or the other. But it’s still kind of subjective. You’re still deciding, okay, based on this, what do we test next?

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