Google Ads Ajoute Un Format Publicitaire en 3d Keeps Announcing

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Google Ads Ajoute Un Format Publicitaire en 3d Keeps Announcing

Google Ads keeps announcing these new ad formats. After the announcement of the mobile one, the latter does not stop there. Indeed, Google’s advertising agency has decided to develop a new format that does not exist among competing advertising agencies: the 3D advertising format called Swirl. In this article, your SEA agency gives you more information about this revolutionary new format. The Swirl format, to make 3D advertisements. Google Ads is reinventing online advertising by offering advertisers the opportunity to promote their brand using 3D. Like its latest carousel format, this new form of advertising will initially only be available on mobile.

Google Has Also Published an Example With a Major Cosmetics Brand

This will allow internet users to interact with 3d objects. Indeed, the ads will show the products in 3d. They will then be able to look at the C Level Executive List product with more details than on a simple photo. Marketers will be able to use their company’s internal 3d resources to create their ads. However, it will also be possible for advertisers to edit their models directly on poly. Google’s 3d platform, before publishing them as swirl ads. They will also be able to benefit from the help of the platform’s 3d production partners if they need it.

Guerlin 3d Advertising on Swirl It’s a Chance for Brands

C Level Executive List

t’s a chance for brands to be able to promote their products more. Indeed, you will be able to give them more information about those they are watching. To go more in-depth in the presentation of a product, you will therefore be able to add some of its characteristics. For example, when the Internet user will rotate the object, particularities will appear on his screen. Google Ads is constantly expanding the solutions it offers advertisers. These days, it’s mostly mobile ad formats that are adding to the list. This summer you will then be able to advertise Swirl on Google. That is to say, create promote your products through 3D.

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