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It Is Clear What You

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It Is Clear What You

Record that in a list. It can be ideas, concrete actions, an intriguing quote, a vague notion. By putting it in a list, you gain control. After all: You take initiative. Instead of waiting to see what comes up when you actively look for what has Fax Lists your attention. The loose ends do come up at some point, but usually when you don’t feel like it. For example, in the evening on the couch, when you want to go to sleep, during sports or in the shower.

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A problem or tangle of thoughts in language. The moment you can name a vague feeling, you have more control over it. You isolate elements. Instead of all kinds of tangled thoughts or grinding thoughts, you name them one by one and untangle the tangle. You can check off a list. Although the mind dump often does not result in concrete actions, you do have an idea for what you are prepared for if it remains unnamed. You can number, prioritize and cross out items in a list. After all, not everything you write down is necessarily an action or an action in the short term.

Fax Lists
Fax Lists

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Sometimes you can keep writing, but usually, you are ’empty’ and you have captured everything that had your attention. Usually, such a mind dump gives a sense of control. You recorded what you had on/in your head. Tomorrow morning you can make decisions about it with fresh eyes and continue working on it if necessary. Ritual to close If you know that it is difficult for you to break free from work, you can embed a mind dump in a closing ritual.

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