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It Could Latvia Phone Number

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It Could Latvia Phone Number

Companies need to ensure the engagement of consumers and get them to return to their spaces again and again. To get hold of new products. Fast-fashion brands managed to de-season fashion consumption and increase consumer returns by creating faster fashion cycles. Ecommerce could achieve this constant return and this growth in engagement by betting Latvia phone number on gamification. The trend is still new and is very limited in terms of the markets in which it already works. But. Like everything else. If the model is established. It will possibly achieve a much higher echo and make the leap to other markets. The idea of gamifying online purchases has already landed in the United States.

As published in modernretail . A company. Tophatter. Which operates as an online product bidding house. Has added gaming features. Consumers can access prize wheels. Which enhance and personalize their experience using the store and give them occasional access to discounts. It is a way to make the service closer to entertainment. But above all it is a way Latvia phone number to ensure the return and engagement of consumers. The chinese model The company is the pioneer in using this type of service in the US. But it has not invented anything new. As modernretail points out . Ecommerce in China has been gamified for some time now and companies of all kinds. Including market giants such as Taobao or Alipay.

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Already offer gamification services. Its apps include small games. In order to achieve the return of visitors. Alipay included the first in 2016. Giving points to plant trees every time they used services such as public transport. But it has not been the only one. Other games have been incorporated and have a real and direct impact on consumption (one of the games in a shopping app gives away after use and after reaching certain points with a box of fruit. For example). The Latvia phone number prizes are diverse. But as the analysts explain to the American media. What they achieve is that the consumer reopens the app. They achieve a return of the consumer and that he stays there. A little game time can end up turning into sales growth. While you’re there. Shop. Likewise. The company offers a different experience and positions itself as something fun.

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Experts warn that this is what makes the model not work for all companies and all online stores. Since not all brand identities manage to gel with the idea and format. The marketers. Coming from different sectors. Had to point out in which environments they Latvia phone number were going to increase their budget and in which to reduce it. In general. And looking at the Nielsen data. It can be said that online environments. Both the more or less emerging and those of a lifetime. Are the ones that will take the increases. Traditional media will not see an increase in advertising investment. But also. In many cases. They will see investment fall. Social networks and online searches.

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The winners Focusing on growth data. Who is better positioned is the universe of social networks. Social networks are leading the growth ranking. As companies plan to increase their budgets. More than 70% indicate that they will do so. This is followed by Latvia phone number growth in budgets for search advertising and online/mobile video advertising. Which range from 60 to 70%. Email marketing is fourth and online and mobile display advertising is fifth (over 50% of companies plan to increase their budgets). Following them. In this order. Is the increase in investment in podcasts. Native advertising and direct email. It is the last one that has a more or less powerful figure (above 30%).

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