Their Interest To Download It As Soon As It Is Released

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Their Interest To Download It As Soon As It Is Released

Convert Tools for performing multivariate tests: Convert Convert has carried out more than 14 billion experiences for its clients since 2008. An impressive figure that demonstrates the potential of this tool that, among other elements, has a calculator that will tell you when the results are relevant. your test results. This application allows you to compare multiple elements of your digital marketing campaigns in a single test. Something that they say is relatively simple thanks to the fact that they have a WISIWYG tool. Convert has 3 pricing plans: Lite, Pro team and enterprise.

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All of them support comparisons on high traffic web pages and have simple and visual reports. Oracle Maxymiser Tools for performing multivariate tests: Oracle Maxymiser is the tool that Oracle provides to perform both A/B tests and multivariate Kenya Phone Number List tests. The reasons they give for you to use it as your testing tool are: You will be able to discover results that no one else offers you. With Oracle Maxymiser you will be able to quantify and optimize your investment in digital marketing. Connect with all your marketing data.

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To do this, the tool integrates with DMP platforms, CRM and analytics tools in order to import first, second and thid party data. Scale your optimization efforts. They serve 20 billion unique experiences every month, all of them in Buy Views Like milliseconds. You can compare what you want as often as you want. Simplicity. Thus, Oracle Maxymiser gives you the option to compare multiple variants of content, design and navigation simultaneously. And without the need to know programming or have an IT department. This tool allows the marketing department itself to carry out the deployment of multivariate tests in real time. Do you want to improve your campaigns with comparative tests? Doing an A/B test has never been so easy.

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