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Increase or Decrease Wuhan Phone Number

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Increase or Decrease Wuhan Phone Number

Companies do not compete only for product. But for service. Logistics or loyalty are decisive when choosing one provider or another. And this is where digitization represents a new scenario for those industrial companies that want to take advantage of it. It is Wuhan phone number just about the possibilities of interconnection of products and services that the Internet of Things (iot) or Artificial Intelligence offer. But rather it is about putting the user at the center. Understanding their needs and trying to satisfy them by taking advantage of the potential of the technology.

That is why the design of services. The Customer Experience or digitization have come to the forefront also in the industrial sector. “Facing the digital transformation with a medium-sized design studio. Instead of with one of those giant traditional management consultancies where everything ends up in a report with many numbers. Seems to me the best and most humane Wuhan phone number way to move into the post-modern era. -industrial. And of course. Profitable.” Enrique Grandía thinks. This is the case of Nippon Gases. Of the Mitsubishi group. The largest manufacturer of industrial and medical gases in Japan. Which contacted the Madrid strategic design studio to co-create the group’s digital transformation and cultural adaptation strategy in Europe. “In the end.

Behavior or the Wuhan Phone Number

Methodologies such as design thinking. Which apparently could be very foreign to an industrial company. Fit perfectly with the way engineers think. Because the phases are essentially the same: research. Prototype. Test. .. It doesn’t matter if the goal is to innovate Wuhan phone number a product. Or to define a really satisfying and memorable experience for the consumer with your brand in what until now we called “marketing”” says the founder of GRAND. Human-centered design. A new trend? Innovation. Design thinking. Service design. People-centered design… In the end. Everything tries to question what is established through an approach focused on the end user.

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Which requires a deep understanding of their needs. This approach began to be developed theoretically at Stanford University in California in the 1970s. And soon spread to the scope of all large companies. For years. Many companies of all kinds have focused their innovation on the product without connecting it so much with the real needs of users. And this Wuhan phone number resistance to innovate (not only in the product but also in the rest of the contact points of the customer’s user journey). Has been somewhat greater in industrial companies. Which also tended to believe that innovation consisted of adding more technology to the product without taking into account the motivations of who and how he was going to use it.

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However. They all seem to agree that competition is fierce. And they are aware that in a globalized world. It is not feasible to compete solely on price. The key is not to see it as an expense. But as an investment. And also calculate the cost of not investing in it. In some environments used to working with quantitative facts (such as engineering). User research is sometimes associated with a superfluous expense. A kind of KPI that is not interesting. But many other companies Wuhan phone number understood that the way to add value is not so much the technology itself (since poorly implemented it could lead to losses) but to use it to satisfy customers. So much so. That the EU will start the Horizon 2020 program with which it will promote investment by companies in innovation to address challenges such as digital transformation and alleviate the effects of the Covid-19 crisis.

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