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In That The Field

They made that a lot was technically possible even then. And it was. But by no means everything was commonplace and sometimes still isn’t. In this review, now almost ten years later, I want to look at how 2020 was viewed then, how we Job Function Email Database would do our work, what technology would play a role in that, and so on. In doing so, I mainly look back, I consider the expectations from then with the knowledge of today, and on a few points, I also look a little bit ahead.

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I’m curious about your reactions again. One inbox for all information flows The first of my expectations for 2011 was based on a personal wish: one inbox in which all kinds of messages came together: “email, text messages, voicemails, messages from various social media, DMs, and the latest news”. There is still no such universal inbox. At least, not one where you receive both e-mail and WhatsApp and your social media messages from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and your daily dose of news.

Job Function Email Database
Job Function Email Database

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the landscape is rather fragmented by new channels such as WhatsApp and (social) platforms such as Instagram. Although both are of course owned by Facebook and work is also being done on merging Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. To be honest, on second thought, I’m also not sorry that the universal inbox isn’t there. After all, there is a time and a place for all information flows. That does not (always) have to be the same place. As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather not, even. I wrote about that later in my article ‘ Information overload?

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