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In Tables Is Accessible

In 2011, I wrote: “On the way, I listen to the management summary of the project plan: my PDA connects to the intranet for this, converts the document into speech”. Smart assistants are increasingly doing this very well. Now when I’m on the Belgium Phone Number List road, I often have saved articles read by Siri. I do that at one and a half times the speed so that I can absorb information faster.

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The other way around is also getting better: I dictate a (short) message quite regularly via iMessage, WhatsApp or e-mail, especially when I’m on the road. Smartphones are even more important Finally, I would like to point out the role of the smartphone in and around the house. Because it may have become even stronger than I could have imagined in 2011. Of course, streaming movies and music from your smartphone to a smart speaker, TV or other device has become quite normal for many people.

Belgium Phone Number List
Belgium Phone Number List

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For lighting, heating, and curtains are also becoming more common. And the smartphone is the ‘hub’ where all the settings for the smart home come together. Photo of an old Nokia smartphone Almost ten years ago I also had no idea that your smartphone can also replace your house key and open and start your car. That you can pay with it at just about all stores, and that it has become a crucial tool, especially in combination with a smartwatch.

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