To The Store Inventory Ad Format However If You Have

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To The Store Inventory Ad Format However If You Have

In addition to being an advantage for you, that your App has reviews is, in most cases, decisive for other users to download it. Why? The more positive evaluations you get, the more confidence you will transmit . And it is that, unless a user is completely sure that your App is the one that best meets their nees, they will rely on opinions they read about you. One tip that can work for you is to remind your users that their ratings are essential to adapt your App.

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An thus, to be able to satisfy them. They may collaborate this way and, in addition to being able to take notes for possible improvements, you will get a greater number of reviews. 7.- Google Adwords Get app downloads with Adwords According Venezuela Phone Number List to data provide by VentureBeat , Google is increasingly helping to drive mobile app downloads through AdWords . Google’s advertising platform will make it possible for you to get app downloads on the Google search network, as well as on the display network. To do this, it will expose ads when users carry out some of their searches on the Internet.

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Likewise, when they browse applications or mobile sites you will also have the option of impacting them. The advantage of using Google Adwords to get app downloads is that it opens up a huge range of potential customers intereste in the theme of your apps. In exchange for an economic investment, of course. 8.- Audiovisual content Buy Views Like will earn you points Among them, the videos. Get the most out of audiovisual content, as they are the most attractive to users. Create a video of the characteristics of your App to create expectations in the users that interest you. You can also create videos where you show the value of your App, what you can do with it, the way it solves their nees, how easy it is to use.

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