If You Have Been on Facebook

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If You Have Been on Facebook

A long time you will remember those wonderful years when you published a post on your company page and got a decent organic reach. By “decent” we mean that you could even sell some innovative product without having to pay to appear in the feed of your followers. But as Facebook began to implement its advertising options, organic reach became a pipe dream; and now the only option to get some reach is to checkout, that is, by advertising on Facebook . However, if you learn how the Facebook algorithm works, perhaps you can take advantage of its loopholes to appear organically in the feed of a part of your followers. This implies that you have to understand how it works.

Specifically, the Facebook algorithm prioritizes the posts that get the most interactions. Facebook employees consider that if a publication Singapore whatsapp number list gets more comments and likes than another, it is that it has generated more interest among that first audience that has viewed it. We know that it is difficult to compete with the videos of kittens, with the latest conspiracy theory, with the photos of your cousin’s last party, or with the dozens of debates that are generated in Facebook groups, but we must offer a content that generates interaction. This is basic.

And it is also very important

You do it at a time when more people are online. In this way, the possibility of achieving engagement increases to the point that the algorithm begins to think that your content is worth being shown to a larger audience. It is essential that you do the following tasks to get more reach: Create a content strategy that provokes controversy or debate. Your posts should not leave anyone indifferent. Visual content works much better than text content. Attract attention with powerful messages. Reply to all comments and thank everyone who is interacting with your post. In the comments, spark discussion by asking your audience direct questions. In this way you will be motivating those who have already intervened to continue giving their opinions. Use hashtags .

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Although they don’t work as well as Instagram hashtags , you can get some extra traffic. Post stories . In many cases, you can set your Instagram stories to show up on Facebook as well. Use new and alternative advertising formats such as ads on Facebook Messenger .Therefore, in this article we teach you how to live on passive income. We include 16 examples of passive businesses and ways to generate passive income. So keep reading! shopify makes it easy for you open the online business you’ve always dreamed of. Start free trial What is passive income?

A Passive or Residual Income

The money that is earned passively, that is, without having to dedicate time to continue earning it. What are passive and active income? The main difference between passive and active income is determined by the need or not of involvement by the interested party at the time of generating the income. For example, stock investments are a type of passive income. It is not necessary for the user to perform any additional action to obtain performance in their transactions. Your money increases in a “passive” way. However, a telemarketer must actively work to generate income.

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