How To Use Your Products Host Live Broadcasts

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How To Use Your Products Host Live Broadcasts

Positioning CLICK TO TWEET On the other hand, a text in which the use of keywords prevails over quality ends up being content that does not provide any adde value . Review the examples we saw before, do you think you can really get a conversion with a wording like this? The written content use by the web is increasingly refine. Repeating words just to improve positioning all you get is poor quality text that conveys a bad image . How to avoid keyword stuffing.

If you do not want to be penalize

There are other black hat SEO tactics that require more intentionality, but the abusive use of keywords can end up falling by mistake. for abusing keywords, this is what you have to do. Don’t over-optimize In SEO it is difficult to answer with exact data Costa Rica Phone Number questions such as: how many words should a text have to improve positioning ? Or, in the case of this post, how many times should a keyword appear in a text to rank well and for search engines not to consider it excessive? It is not known, there is no exact figure, although it is recommende that the density of the keyword be between 3% and 4% at most.

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The intention of abusing

There are already many tools that help you measure this data. Yoast SEO is one of the most use plugins and provides good information about it. But do not be obsesse, in the end the important thing is that the text has turne out well and has quality , because Buy Views Like Google will value this more than the number of times you have repeate a certain word. resort to synonyms Some people use the same word over and over again, not with it to get a better position, but because they don’t know what other concepts to use. A good eitor would tell you that the best thing to do in this case is to have a thesaurus handy.

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