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How to Transform a Website Into a Native Android

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How to Transform a Website Into a Native Android

It goes without saying that the new era of mobile apps has arrived and any successful business can hardly ignore it. The growing importance of apps in Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List sales and marketing is prompting many website owners to consider moving most of their processes to a mobile platform. Which option is better – a website or an app? Every e-commerce platform owner sooner or later faces this dilemma. The statistics offered by Smart Insights prove the preference of consumers for mobile applications over mobile sites.

What Do You Really Need to Know to Turn a Website Into an App?

Here are the two graphs. Without thinking about the actual role they should play in their business. So don’t rush to convert your e-commerce website into a mobile app or try to run two. Understand the real purpose, study market needs, competitor advantages, then decide what you need more: a performing website or a relevant app. Our life is going faster and applications have taken their place in it, gradually replacing slow and bulky websites. These small icons on the screen of our mobile devices on iOS, Android and other platforms are always ready to meet our needs wherever we are.

Native apps are fast, convenient, easy to use, and have many advantages over their website ancestors. Nevertheless, there are many services that work better on a website. It is more convenient to closely examine product details, work with large map areas, read long reviews and do many other things on the desktop. Consider these features and think twice before trying to transfer them to an app. Don’t put your business at risk just because of a modern trend – having a mobile app for your business. If your idea of ​​moving your business to a mobile app still makes sense to you, then don’t hesitate, learn how to stay tuned and how to turn your website into a mobile app and how it can affect your product.

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How It Works?

Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List
Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List

By turning your website into a mobile app, you give your customers many useful options that make their experience more enjoyable and create better engagement: quick access to their wallet and other payment methods; brief information update with push notifications; mobile apps are faster and easier to use than websites (in most cases); access to camera and photo library; access to contacts and private information of other users; ability to bypass printed confirmations or tickets, using QR codes; access to maps and personal geolocation; and last but not least – you give them the chance to do what they really need wherever they are: in transport, in a cafe, by the pool or even in a hospital.

Wherever they take their smartphone, your mobile product goes too (sometimes even when they’re offline). Hundreds of companies have already proven that the “website first, mobile app second” program is viable. Here is a short list of companies that “have fallen in love with mobile”: Zillow – an online rental space for landlords and renters in the United States. Airbnb – a platform that helps you find accommodation in almost any country in the world. Amazon – the largest Internet retailer in the world. First started as a website, then in 2011 came out an Amazon mobile on the App Store.

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