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How to Prioritize Feature Development

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How to Prioritize Feature Development

Imagine the process of creating a snowball. You start small, snowflake by snowflake collecting them all in the ball. The same analogy works with Jamaica WhatsApp Number List building MVPs – you start small, defining features that are must-haves in your product. During the app development process, you and your team come up with new ideas on how to improve the product, which leads to new tasks arising. Of course, this also leads to increased budget limits. However, you have already agreed to create an MVP, which means you should not prolong the development phase. First, you need to make sure your product is exactly what the market needs, using a minimum viable product. But you can’t just lose the valuable gem ideas just because their timing isn’t perfect – that’s why we recommend you act like we always do – to collect those ideas and put them in the backlog of tasks.

Once the Mvp Is Completed

According to Kano’s model theory, which categorizes customers into 5 types. This is the 3rd – the attractive qualities that users are looking for. But the main purpose of MVP is of another kind. Minimum viable products are created to test the concept. Your MVP must answer the question ” Is the market really interested in my product?” so it’s wise to develop this product faster and cheaper, with a feature-rich next step from MVP. Once the MVP is completed, what is the next step after creating an MVP? 1. Beta test first. Well known are the beta testing groups that product owners offer right after the development process is complete. Beta testers are different people who come from the customer side (or we find them at the request of our customer) and start using the product.

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What Comes After a Minimum Viable Product?

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Jamaica WhatsApp Number List

The same thing happens every time you complete a development sprint – first you test, then you fix, test again, and release.  SEO/ASO Services Blog posting Press releases and magazine advertising Contests and competitions Interested in pursuing app marketing? We invite you to read our recent article on app marketing . In addition to diving into marketing, you should always keep an eye on engagement with your product. Metrics received – retention rate, session duration, user engagement metrics, user acquisition, and lifetime value are the KPIs you need to track and analyze. If your app is monetized in some way, pay attention to the performance of different monetization methods.

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