How to Impress and Score South Africa WhatsApp Number List Your Next Freelance Writing Client

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How to Impress and Score South Africa WhatsApp Number List Your Next Freelance Writing Client

South-Africa WhatsApp Number List
South-Africa WhatsApp Number List

I have an affinity for service businesses.

I love when people:

  • Recognize that South Africa WhatsApp Number List they possess specific skills that can help others
  • Invest in training that will help them succeed
  • Offer their expertise and problem-solving abilities in exchange for money

But I don’t love when these driven individuals make a certain mistake that invites unnecessary frustrations into their workdays and weakens their reputations.

“Sure! I can do that!”

I understand that it’s exciting South Africa WhatsApp Number List when a work offer sounds good.

So, when a potential client proposes a project to Joe Service Business, he’ll immediately respond with, “Sure! I can do that!” (or another phrase with a similar sentiment) before he finds out everything he needs to know about the project.

For example, more information about the project may reveal that he’s not the best person for the job or it’s not actually an assignment he’d like to work on.

When you respond to an inquiry and move ahead with a project too quickly, you operate under the assumption that you’ll figure out the details later, as issues arise.

But your service business can only become respected in your industry and a long-term source of income if you abolish the casual approach to discussing work that runs rampant in freelance culture.

If you want to have an exceptional service business, you cannot casually respond to any form of business communication or informally agree to any business transaction.

To be exceptional, you must become a master of assessing, communicating, and managing expectations.

How to rise above the competition

Competition can be distracting and paralyzing.

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It can be difficult to make progress with your business when you’re worried about all the other people who provide similar services and how they might charge less expensive rates than you do.

You may even feel pressure to lower your rates to look more “reasonable” or meet the “industry standard.”

There are always going to be service providers who charge less than you do. The trick is realizing that those businesses do not provide the same quality — and they are not your competition.

Ignore “reasonable” and the “industry standard” and focus on creating an experience for your clients that they won’t find anywhere else — that is the winning difference that will make them choose to work with you.

The service business as “go-to collaborator” model

Being yourself in business is important. You don’t want to abandon your personality and become bland.

But you need to overcome the tendency I mentioned above where you impulsively respond to a prospective client as if he is your friend.

Instead, you want your prospective client to view you as a business peer.

In order to achieve that, you must:

  • Demonstrate you’re dedicated to producing the best-possible final product
  • Outline the details you consider when evaluating a new project
  • Communicate that clients must agree to your terms of service

Those three actions allow plenty of room for passion and enthusiasm, but they also reveal that you:

  • Take your business seriously
  • Offer a premium service
  • Enforce a clear contract or work agreement

This model attracts prospects who respect you. Over time, you’ll become your clients’ “go-to collaborator” when they have a problem they know your service business can solve.

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Initiate a project assessment that communicates professionalism

While gathering information about a project helps you decide if it’s the right fit for your business, it also allows you to tailor your service — before a client has given you any money — in a way that justifies the premium you will charge in exchange for your ongoing exceptional work.

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