How to create effective email marketing campaigns for Christmas?

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How to create effective email marketing campaigns for Christmas?

There is no doubt that email marketing is one of the most powerful tools for connecting with consumers, especially during highlights like Christmas. Although there are still a few weeks before the campaign begins, surely many consumers have already started receiving emails of this type. The question that many companies ask is how to make the Christmas campaign work and how to plan their email Estonia Business Email List strategy. You still have time to achieve it, what you must be clear about is what you should do and why.

The Christmas campaign and all that it entails in regards to consumerism is something that is repeated every year. And it is that Christmas has been invented since the late nineteenth century as we know it now. This makes brands believe that everything is already invented and that there is nothing new that can be contributed. The point is that the Christmas campaign of the previous year can give us many clues on how to plan the campaign of the present year. It is important that we do an analysis on the results of the previous year to better understand our target audience and position ourselves much better this year, avoiding the mistakes made and enhancing those points that gave us positive results.campaign if what we do does not fit the characteristics of our target audience. For an email marketing campaign to be effective, we must know what our potential customers want and how they consume it.


Users receive so many messages in the weeks leading up to Christmas shopping that they can become saturated with so many advertising messages. Therefore, avoid becoming an “email more” and try to keep  Buy View Like expectations very high, working so that each message is better than the previous one. The key is that the emotion does not wane.For your Christmas campaign to be effective, you must get consumers to see you. Taking into account that users receive more and more emails in their inboxes at this time, it is evident that the first thing to do is to try to stand out among our receptors. In this sense, the “Subject” message is very important, so it must be reflected upon before making a final decision. Getting it wrong can derail all efforts, including other elements and aspects of the campaignFocusing on the Christmas campaign does not mean that we should forget about everything else. Not only must we prepare everything in advance, but it must also conform to the values ​​and philosophy that have always marked the company’s trajectory. Innovating may be very tempting, but if it has nothing to do with the overall brand strategy, it will make no sense and it won’t work.

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