How To Analyze Your Inbound Marketing Funnel?

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How To Analyze Your Inbound Marketing Funnel?

To optimize your conversion rate, consider regularly analyzing your Inbound Marketing funnel . How? ‘Or’ What ? By measuring the actions of prospects at the conversion stage … Outline of the customer journey. The analysis of the customer journey is based on a process comprising Thailand WhatsApp Number List stages. The first is to create reports that allow you to understand your customers’ behavior from their first visit to their conversion . Then, amplify your marketing efforts on the page or article that generates the most conversions. The objective then being to increase the number of sales in the short term.

Finally, optimize your Inbound Marketing techniques to turn qualified visitors into prospects, then into customers, to increase the conversion rate over the long term. For this second technique, you also have the possibility of sponsoring the post containing your survey with targeted Internet users, thanks to the multiple parameters offered by the advertising agencies of Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin .

When a visitor performs an action on the site, an automated strategy is set up, during which he will be exposed to relevant content concerning a specific need. Nevertheless, it is possible that during this lead nurturing stage certain arguments are forgotten. This is where salespeople come in. Indeed, during their prospecting, they can detect where the lack of information is located and thus provide marketers with tools to refine their content . Never forget that the more the contact is “nourished”, the easier it will be to transform him into a customer.

Detailed analysis of the Inbound Marketing funnel

The objective is to make efficient decisions to lead contacts to conversion , by collecting as much data as possible during their navigation. Define the types of conversion to analyze. Several criteria allow you to create a complete analysis report on your conversion funnels. You can access this data by choosing a well-defined period or by filtering the list of your contacts. You will then have to select the data that will help you see more clearly on the course of Internet users:

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Which page on the site generates the best conversion rate?
What page was viewed before downloading a particular white paper? Which article attracts the most newsletter subscriptions?
What are the most viewed pages / articles before subscribing to a trial offer? Also remember to analyze the overall behavior of your most recent contacts . This allows you to determine which posts they liked or the last subscriptions to which they took, to check whether the trend of your previous results is affirming or reversing! To perform this analysis you will need to properly configure Google Analytics or use a tool like HubSpot, which is very comprehensive, which allows you to generate detailed reports on the Inbound Marketing funnel .

Assign a step to each interaction

Here again, this manipulation will be made easier with marketing automation software! It is about pointing each step of the customer journey, according to the type of conversion defined beforehand. This helps you check the different pages of the site and the prospect’s interactions that precede the conversion .For each contact, write “Enter” for the page that brought them to your site. Then “Last page” for the last page viewed.

Now, what were the areas of interaction in the Inbound Marketing funnel? Also note “Last Interaction” for the URL where the customer converted. Repeat this technique for all the last prospects collected, over a determined period (the last month, the last quarter, the last year…). At the end, generate a report and you will have the typical Inbound Marketing journey of your contacts that will unfold before your eyes.

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It is necessary to learn the lessons of the conversion tunnel that appears on the screen. Spot the pages that generate more interest and encourage the visitor to download a guide, sign up for the newsletter, request a quote , call the company, or sign up for a trial offer. Conversely, analyze those which pushed the prospect to seek other information and which are certainly a source of abandonment.

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