How Much Would You Be Willing to Pay for Youtube

Most of the most popular applications Paraguay WhatsApp Number List , Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram… What would happen if these applications became chargeable? To find out, McGuffin conducted a survey of 2,000 people. Objective: to know the propensity to pay of users of these free applications.Result: 89% of WhatsApp users would be willing to pay a sum, each month, to access the application. Conversely, only 64% of Facebook users would agree to pay each month to go to the social network.When it comes to prices, the differences are significant: YouTube leads the way, with $ 4.20 per month. Google Maps and Google Drive follow the video platform. At the back of the pack, we find Pinterest ($ 2.11), Snapchat ($ 1.89) and Yelp ($ 1.87).

McGuffin notices differences between the respondents. Women are said to be willing to pay 20% more than men for Google Maps, Facebook and Pinterest. Millennials would agree to pay 78% more than baby boomers for Instagram.The group also allowed itself a projection, on the basis of the results of the survey, to know the impact of a change in economic model on the turnover of companies. Among the apps on offer, Reddit would benefit from the highest turnover rate – but in terms of value, it is YouTube that would do well.Projection: the evolution of the turnover of mobile applications thanks to a paid model. Credit: McGuffin.Obviously, these figures should be put into perspective; these are just projections, based on a survey. No one really knows how much anyone would be willing to pay if these apps actually went for a paid model.

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Less than $ 2 per month for Snapchat, more than $ 4 for YouTube

Above all, switching to a paid model of one of these popular applications would greatly transform the ecosystem and allow the emergence of free alternatives, with a significant impact on these somewhat simplistic projections.In the second half of 2019, the market share of Samsung is 23%, Huawei 18%, Oppo and Apple 11% and Xiaomi closes the top 5 with 10%. All the other manufacturers combined represent only 27% of the smartphone market. It’s not always easy to find inspiration for the creation of a web project. With Freebie Lobster, you have access to hundreds of UI templates for free download.Freebie Lobster works on the same model as royalty-free stock images. Just click on a template to download it for free.


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Reddit and YouTube revenue could soar (or not)

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