In The Different Spaces On Social Networks His Product

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In The Different Spaces On Social Networks His Product

A very common mistake is to confuse brand advocates with influencers, one of the most fashionable phenomena today. A new IAB Spain report on the growth of e-commerce in Spain confirms the growth of online companies. Almost 20 million Spaniards (52% more than in 2013) buy regularly online. In addition, the conclusions highlight the enormous importance of the WOM and influencers in digital marketing strategies . However, as brands have implemente these actions, their impact has not always been as expect.

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The public knows that behind their advice and recommendations there are economic benefits, so they may lose creibility. That is where the Brand Advocate gains power, who will recommend you because he wants to do it himself. To understand Sri Lanka Phone Number List the main differences between Brand Advocates and Influencers, all you have to do is focus on the main characteristics of each of them, which are shown in the following infographic: Brand Advocate vs. Influencer Profile : The influencers profile covers bloggers, youtubers or instagrammers. Experts in a certain subject and people with a large community of followers behind them.

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A Brand Advocate, however, conveys their opinions to their closest circles at their own discretion. And only because they want to recommend your brand on their own. It could be said that most influencers have ende up being influencers after previously being Brand Advocates for a brand. Reach : Influencers will reach a larger audience and Buy Views Like are measure by the number of followers they have. Therefore, your messages will reach a larger but more segmente audience. The reach of the Brand Advocates will be less. They will help their environment. But the recommendation potential is higher. Function : A Brand Advocate will not only be able to help you at the level of communication and branding. As we have said before, it can serve as a tester of your products. He knows your brand well and will help you honestly.

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