Habit Number 1 to Balance Life and Work

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Habit Number 1 to Balance Life and Work

Easy This is what a good listener calls “work day”, that is, a specific period of time in which they activate and have the energies to work. If there is no limited time to do what the job demands, not only is an imbalance generated, it is also guilty of inefficiency and unproductiveness. And this quickly leads to deficiencies in competitiveness. If specific periods of work are established (not necessarily schedules), the brain arranges what is necessary so that things are done in the scheduled time. This avoids procrastination and lack of timeliness in decisions. Set specific periods of time to work! Forget that rhetoric that “work is my life”, “I enjoy working” or “this is not work for me”.

No Matter How Different

These arguments have nothing to do with the issue of balancing work and life. It’s almost a mathematical thing: the time you dedicate to one thing cannot be given to another. And if you are one of those List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers specimens who only believes in the dimension of work, then you have no life and not much to read on. Productivity is closely related to the use of time. As more things are done in less time, productivity is higher, obviously considering qualitative factors simultaneously. When there is productivity there is competitiveness. And the latter is the vehicle that leads to success efficiently.

That We Set for Ourselves

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Finally by developing the habit of setting work hours, the time periods to attend to “other things” are automatically Buy Views Like established. Habit number 2 to balance life and work: Disconnect when you are not working.- If you’re really worried about “being offline” while you’re not working, then “you’re not doing a good job while online.” Circular reasoning applies. The “compartmentalization” of time is a central factor in balancing life and work. There can be no permeability. In other words, if you are working, you work! And if the work period is over, time is spent on something else. The “connection” that modern technology facilitates so much is proof that the job is being done wrong.

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