Google Announces Many New Features To

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Google Announces Many New Features To

If it’s free, you’re the product. To fight Jordan WhatsApp Number List  and give its users better control of their data, Google is announcing a number of new products.While scandals over the use of personal data of users of many sites and social networks multiply, the mistrust of Internet users is growing towards the giants of the web. No wonder then to see them take a series of measures to strengthen the confidentiality of this information and ensure better security for their users. This is what Google has just done, with a series of announcements relating to different of its products and all going in the same direction: to allow better data protection.An incognito mode in Google Maps Incognito mode has become essential on your browsers, to avoid keeping a history of actions that you do not want to see archived (for example, to… buy a surprise birthday present).


A study carried out on 37,000 volunteers gives indications on the speed of typing on mobile compared to that observed on keyboard.People who use two fingers are much faster than those who use only one finger to write on their phone. Credit: Porapak Apichodilok / PexelsResearchers have launched a study to compare the speed of writing on keyboard compared to that on mobile, through a dedicated site . A total of 37,000 volunteers from 160 countries took part in the exercise, and the results are inspiring. We often have a big difference in mind between the two devices, pushing to limit text entries during mobile experiences. The slowness felt on the phone would not be as obvious, since on average, users who use a single finger typed 29 words per minute, compared to 52 on average on a keyboard.

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An incognito mode in Google Maps

And those who use two fingers to write managed to type 38 words per minute, a differential of just 25%.The speed record holder managed to hit 85 wpm on his mobile. Age is strongly linked to the ability to write quickly: the average twenty-something is 40 words per minute, against 29 for forty and 26 for fifty. Auto-correction and word suggestion of course help improve that typing speed over time, smartphone makers innovating to help you with this task. According to the study, autocorrection thus improves speed by 9 words per minute. If you want to be faster, then you know what you have to do: use two fingers and activate autocorrect mode!The VPN market is quite special. These services, which must offer more security, are often quite murky, with the problems that this poses in terms of access to our personal data.


Cloudflare, whose reputation is well established, has just launched its own free mobile VPN. has three big promises: it’s free, fast, and secure. And that’s all we ask of a VPN… To install it, go to this link for the Android app , and to this link for iOS. first of all allows you to secure your connection, thanks to the WARP protocol. But unlike regular VPNs, doesn’t slow down your connection, it makes it faster. The reason is quite simple: Cloudflare, the parent company of, is one of the largest DNS on the market, and can therefore connect to a network of servers anywhere in the world with very low latency. When it comes to personal data, Cloudflare has always stood out for its defense of privacy and freedom of expression.

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Automatic deletion now on YouTube

Also deployed on YouTube last year, the latter is now available on Google Maps. Once activated, it will prevent your searches from being saved to your Google account or used to personalize your experience. Arrival expected in the coming weeks on Android, and soon on iOS.could already choose a time limit for keeping your activity data on the web and applications, but also your location history on your Google account. This allowed you to ensure that your data is not kept for more than 3 or 18 months, depending on your choice. This possibility has now been extended to YouTube, where it will work the same way.Clémence Dewet, Carla Ponzio and Sodara Nhek are part of the team of 9 students who have developed the Kali project over the past two years.



This mobile application allows its users to scan a cosmetic product to have access to information concerning its components, but also to personalize their experience by allowing them to enter their personal characteristics (type of hair, skin, etc.) to display a degree of compatibility with the scanned products.Being able to work for two years in real conditions was very important in bringing the idea to maturity, according to Carla, a web marketing specialist: “ if we take our project two years ago and our project now, the evolution is strong, we have made a leap forward in terms of services offered, business, model, or algorithm. The interveners helped us enormously, came to see us regularly to resolve certain situations or answer our questions. We also had to pitch our concept for 4 minutes, in a clear and professional way, in front of the students.

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