Good tools for an email marketing campaign

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Good tools for an email marketing campaign

Email marketing refers to the mass sending of emails to a group of contacts. According to Mailify, «Sending an email marketing campaign is both an act of online communication and direct marketing. Its objective is to promote a message to a group of users through the inbox of their emails »There are many professionals and experts who, wrongly, claim that email marketing no longer works, that it is dead, but if you think about it, why do you look at your email more than once a day?Now I am not going to talk about how an email has to be to run a campaign, or how a campaign has to be to be effective, or even why use email Finland Business Email List for your company or business, since there is a million articles that talk about this, like this one , but I do want to show you some tools that are the cane to manage your email marketing campaigns, some free and others not, but that, after all, are very good options for you.

Mailify : this email marketing tool has a free plan and several paid ones, but in the free plan you can do a lot. One of the greatest attractions of this tool is that its free plan offers you all its features, without covering any. Among the many functionalities it offers are, for example, contact management, a very intuitive and easy-to-use graphical editor, more than 900 templates, royalty-free images, the possibility of segmenting and personalizing your shipments, and an analysis of results. among many other features.Acumbamail : it is another good option for your email marketing campaigns that also offers you a free plan for up to 2000 emails. Like the previous one, it is a less known tool than Mailchimp or Mailrelay , but, without a doubt, a very good option.

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Facebook or Analytics, and, among the many functionalities it offers, we can point out the creation of campaigns, A / B tests, automated campaigns, Buy View Like  reports and analytics in real time, creation of forms among many others. Without a doubt, another good alternative option to the most popular tools.Benchmark : Benchmark is also great for your email marketing campaigns. This tool offers a free plan, like other tools, which allows us to send 14,000 emails per month or have 2,000 contacts, enough for an initial email marketing campaignWith it you will be able to create forms, create and edit your newsletters in a very simple way, edit the images that you will place in each newsletter, making all of this a functional and comfortable editor, even if you have no experience. In addition, the emails you send with it are perfectly adapted to any device.

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