GDPR and best practices in marketing

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GDPR and best practices in marketing

The new European General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), which comes into force tomorrow, will have very important implications for companies and marketing departments . Personal data is one of the bases of any Latvia Business Email List campaign and it should always be obtained and treated with the utmost respect for customers. At Dolist, we bet on a qualitative vision of this practice instead of a quantitative one. In other words, we want to work with data collected that has been authorized and that provides us with quality information to offer clients personalized services.

The new European regulation comes to recognize the fundamental right that everyone has to maintain control of their personal data. At Dolist we do not see the new regulations as a restriction, but as a new -and great- opportunity to develop a quality relationship with users. A way to become more efficient, to get to know our customers better and to improve their experience with brands.Good marketing practices to comply with the GDPR are based on four principles : be informed of changes, guarantee, anticipate and optimize . For this, we recommend appointing a data protection officer, keeping a record of the processing of personal data, making sure that all our collaborators also respect data security obligations, adopting codes of good professional conduct and reducing risks using the necessary techniques. .Other good practices from the technical point of view include: encrypting the data, transmitting it through secure channels, establishing a maintenance period for the same, updating the confidentiality policy on web channels or limiting the use of this data to the purpose for which were obtained.

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One of the key points to ensure that we are carrying out good practices comes when Buy View LikeĀ  obtaining user data . For any marketing campaign, we need personal data, but before obtaining it we have to be clear about its functionality: to know and understand customers better.Before undertaking any contact collection action, ask us if the methods are fully respectful of customer privacy.Obtain only the data that we need. The more information we have, the more difficult it will be to analyze it. We must prioritize those that meet the purpose we are looking forMaintain a clean and quality database. For this, it is necessary to eliminate all the addresses that do not correspond to any recipient, the duplicates or those contacts who have asked to unsubscribe or have marked us as spam. There are many tools that automate these tasks. This practice allows us to have a good reputation and guarantees a higher deliverability rate.
Centralize all the data that we have obtained from various channels. Let’s remember that 89% of customers feel frustrated when they have to reformulate their demands on the company. This way we will avoid duplicate marketing actions, because who wants to receive promotions for a product that they have already bought?

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