Functions of a Digital Marketing Manager

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Functions of a Digital Marketing Manager

Surely if you have recently come across a post about the best paid jobs in Spain in 2020 or what are the most sought-after digital profiles by companies , the name of Digital Saudi Arabia Phone Number List Manager is no stranger to you .But before entering into defining what are the qualities and functions of a Digital Marketing Manager and what role they play within the team of an agency, it is important to specify the roles of each of the professionals that compose it.It is essential to know that the balance between the different areas of the team is a key factor in establishing the next steps to be taken within the so-called work plan of a brand.In this sense, marketing agencies are made up of multidisciplinary teams that must function with the precision of a Swiss watch. All the pieces must fit together so that there is harmony in each part of the process.For example, there must be a good SEO job , the aim of our buyer persona by SEM or the precision that the analytics team can provide us ; but no less important will be the design work , Inbound Marketing or the CRO specialist .Also read : Working in Digital Marketing: the most demanded professional opportunitiesBut we don’t want to keep you waiting. If at this point you are wondering what a digital marketing manager does within all this gear, in this post we will tell you everything you need about the architect of putting into play the marketing strategy of any company.What is a digital marketing manager?
We could say that the Digital Marketing Manager is the mastermind who organizes and moves the pieces within the board so that our work plan obtains the best results .That is, within a team of professionals who address all branches of marketing, it must fulfill the essential mission of knowing how to guide the actions of each area without leaving a loose end or a dissonant note in any of the objectives.

This task is far from simple, and requires skills and knowledge that span the entire spectrum of the work plan . The Digital Marketing Manager must know how to handle advertising campaigns, know organic search engine positioning (SEO), or have on his desk a wide range of tools on Inbound Marketing , Mail Marketing , among others.But in addition, he is a professional who must have the necessary experience to know in advance that this strategy of which he will take the reins is going to give satisfactory results for the client who is betting on his services.what is a digital marketing manager
Source: UnplashOne of the most demanded professions

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Perhaps the high degree of specialization  Buy View Like required by the Digital Marketing Manager makes this profile one of the most demanded in the marketing market today. Even more so if we take into account that digitization is essential for any company that does not want to become obsolete in the digital market. Let’s face it: Bill Gates’ maxim “If you’re not on the internet, you don’t exist” is more and more current every day and no company can afford to be left behindAccording to a recent study of the Top 25 Digital Professions prepared by UNESDI, up to 31% of offers related to digital marketing are occupied by the profile of the Digital Marketing Manager. A demand that accompanies – how could it be otherwise – a salary according to their skills.Our manager has an added bonus, which is to act in a concrete and effective way to alleviate the effects that the current health crisis in Spain and the world may have brought.
At a time when ‘traditional’ customers are still reluctant to go to physical establishments, isn’t it time to put the meat on the grill to channel our efforts towards the future of e-commerce and the adaptation to other alternative channels?Functions of a Digital Marketing Manager
We already mentioned that the Digital Marketing Manager is in charge of taking the lead and directing the actions that the marketing team of an agency will take.This entails knowing perfectly the target of a brand, analyzing the trends that move in the market and fine-tuning the digital strategies to implement.If we continue with the parallelism of a conductor, our digital marketer must define, supervise and make the strategy sound in the best possible way to dazzle the ears of his clients.
But let’s get into the mud to see what roles and responsibilities this multitask professional should have .functions of a digital marketing manager

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Own sourceAnalysis of the sector in which it operates
It is key for this profile to know perfectly the sector or sectors in which their clients operate. This includes being up to date with what your competition is doing at all times and knowing how to take advantage of it.
Giving visibility to the brand must be burned into the strategy of every Digital Marketing Manager. One of . What we want as we have mentioned above is to create Brand Lovers or Brand Ambassadors that go beyond a simple transactional agreement. There are many ways to create this link between the client and the brand , such as providing recommendations, advice videos, images with ideas or quality content on social networks. The spectrum of actions is so wide with your imagination. Social Media Strategy
Linking with the previous point, an RRSS strategy must be implemented that is aimed at engagement and quality traffic for our website. Our manager must know the public that may be inclined to consume our brand to foresee which are the profiles where we can have a presence. If we have a product for a teenage audience, it may be unnecessary to propose a strategy for LinkedIn, but it will be very likely that we will be successful in Tik Tok .Once the team has set out which channels and content to address, a publication calendar must be made to distribute the information on the best days and times for our target audience.SEO positioning
This does not mean that the Digital Marketing Manager must be an expert in organic positioning (for that we will have an SEO Analyst in our team ); However, you must have a minimum knowledge of what actions to take to help our content appear in the main Google searches (SERP).It would be useless to have the most creative team of all the agencies in the country, but we can make our channels or actions visible in the first searches of the search engines.

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The SEM or Search Engine Machine is – for us to understand it – paid advertising in search engines like Google. And although there are also specialists who are exclusively dedicated to this task, it must be the Digital Marketing Manager who can define – based on his knowledge of the company’s target – how to segment that advertising , the objectives that are pursued with a specific campaign, or if we want conversions or simply give more visibility to the brand .hoice of KPI
Finally, our manager must be perfectly clear about the status of the campaigns – present and future – to certify that our KPIs are being met systematically and effectively.Analytics is a vitally important piece when making decisions that may affect our business or brand. That is why our digital marketing manager must familiarize himself with the statistics provided by this tool. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can know the exact traffic of users who come to the web, the bounce rate, number of conversions, or the channel from which they have come to it. The ideal would be to complement this information with Google Search Console (GSC), which can also add information about the queries made by users in the search engine, the most read pages or posts or errors that the web hasUndoubtedly two essential tools to analyze the statistics of our website and best of all, they are totally free google analyticsSource: GIPHYSemrush

Semrush is one of those off-road tools that can throw us a lot of information about our website and / or the competition. Although it is one of the main tools of all SEO, it is important that the DMM knows how to handle itself through the Semrush dashboard to obtain traffic statistics , increase or loss of keywords (keywords) or improvement suggestions for our websit
Ahrefs is the go-to tool for getting your own and competitor’s link audit . Although Semrush has a functionality to know the backlinks of the competition, we can assure that it loses positions to AhrefsAfter analyzing the results that this tool gives us, we can locate where our competitors use links and thus carry out a LinkBuilding strategy aimed at surpassing them. Metricool
Another of those tools that include a large sample of functionalities for our Digital Marketing Manager. With Metricool it is possible to keep track of the content of social networks and even make eye-catching reports for our clients. Metricool’s metrics can provide very valuable information at a glance for our DMM that helps you boost or redirect your social engagement strategy. Worpress and plugins
Although it is very possible that there is a designer in charge of every marketing strategy and work plan, our marketing manager should be familiar with the management of Content Management Systems (CMS, for its acronym in English). WordPress is the best known and covers more than 80% of the websites that are made today, but there are others more focused on e-commerce such as Magento or Prestashop. How much does a Digital Marketing Manager charge?

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Undoubtedly one of the most attractive points for the Digital Marketing Manager profile is his salary . One of the highest within the professions related to management in digital environments. Obviously there is no fixed number for this position and it will depend on multiple factors such as the size of the company, the degree of responsibility or previous experience.However, if we continue to delve into the UNESDI study, we will be able to verify that the annual salary of this type of professional is between 50,000 and 80,000 euros . A not inconsiderable figure only surpassed by the profiles of Digital Transformation Project Manager , Digital Communication Director and CDO / Digital Manager .How a good Digital Marketing Manager should be
As you have been able to read in this post, our professional must be versatile and complete , covering the entire spectrum of activities carried out by the marketing sector.
This forces you to always be up to date with the latest news in terms of changes in trends, competitor actions and even tool updates. Our Digital Marketing Manager must be a true invoice or multitasking professional, who – as they say in my town – the same is valid for a broken as for a ripped . If your main functions are to analyze, review and guide a strategy for a brand or company, you must be a well-read person with communication skills. Last but not least, the good Digital Marketing Manager must be passionate about their work. Do you know someone or have you come across such a profile? Let us know in the comments!

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