Facebook Creator Studio: What is and how to use Facebook Creator Studio

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Facebook Creator Studio: What is and how to use Facebook Creator Studio

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Facebook Creator Studio logo in the center of the image on a purple and magenta gradient background
Having a communication strategy in Digital Marketing is very important for a business. One of the best ways to do this today is through social media such as Facebook and Instagram. To manage posts and much more. there’s the Facebook Creator Studio. have you heard of it?

This tool exists to simplify tasks that previously could take time to complete. Using Creator Studio. communication processes become more efficient. as well as metrics.

If you still don’t know what it is or how to use it. you’ve come to the right place. In the following content you stay on top of everything. Come on?

The Creative Studio or Creator Studio is a platform made possible by Meta (Facebook) to make life easier for those who manage a digital business and make use of Instagram and Facebook to communicate and/or sell.

Okay. so do I need to have a Facebook page and an Instagram account to use the creative studio? Not necessarily. You only need to be present on one of them and have the power to manage those accounts to use the tool.

We’ll explain it better in the next topic.


What is Creator Studio for?
Creator Studio serves to optimize the time of those who manage social media. In addition. it is possible to maximize productivity. organization and even reduce errors. as the tool enables the automation of some processes. such as the publication of content.

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So. if you forget to post something because of the weekend. holiday or other special dates. Meta publishes the post for you — as long as you already have the material scheduled in advance.

That way business networks

Won’t run out of posts on dates like Christmas and New Year. which avoids harming the algorithm.

This platform is great for those who manage more than one account and need dynamism and practicality when creating. posting and measuring content. Amazing. isn’t it?

Therefore. the main uses of Creator Studio are:

the creation. posting and/or scheduling of publications. whether still images or videos;
managing the interactions of all pages. whether they are Direct Messages (DM) on Instagram . Messenger. or comments on Facebook posts;
managing the content of Facebook pages and Instagram profiles;
management and administration of the monetization of publications;
download free music and sounds to use in your posts;
metrification. analysis and monitoring of results. such as new followers;
between others.
How to access Creator Studio?
To access the platform. simply type Hungary Phone Number  on the desktop. On mobile. just open your search engine and search for Creative Studio Facebook.

When login is done. the admin will have two options: one for managing Facebook pages and the other for Instagram accounts. In each of the pages. there are several possibilities of use. as mentioned above.

Hungary Phone Number

Keep in mind that only people authorized to manage a Facebook and Instagram page are able to use Creator Studio.

How to use Facebook Creator Studio?
By this point in our content. you’ve understood what Creator Studio is. you’ve read about its main uses and how to access it. Now. it’s time to understand how to use the tool. That’s what we’re going to talk about next. follow along.

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Creator Studio home page
As soon as you log in. the home page shows an options bar on your left. There you have access to the following tools:

Go to the Education Center: a technical guide made for those who want to learn how to use the platform

Facebook Creator Studio screenshot

Still on the homepage. you can post something. such as a story. a video or go live for your audience. Below. there are recommendations made by the site itself to help your business.

Still in the center of the page. there is a carousel with the latest Creator Tool news and there you can understand more about the subject or close these suggestions. Below. there is an area reserved for your latest posts. with some engagement and views numbers.

In the right corner. there is the monetization part for those who use this tool. Below you can see key insights such as your page performance. Lastly. there’s an area showing the posts from the last few days — how many are scheduled and how many drafts.

create new post
To create a post. click on the “Create New” button and then click on “Create Post”.

If you manage more than one page. choose one to proceed.

Facebook Creator Studio screenshot

In “Publish texts and links”. you can write the caption you want. including emojis. mentions and hashtags. In “Media”. add photos and videos. You can also change the size of the images: just click on “Edit”. In addition. you can also “Stream live”. This option makes it possible to view images in real time.

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Facebook Creator Studio screenshot

To add links. you must enable the link preview option — in this case. the post must not have photos or videos. If you want. enable location and click “More options” to see other post creation tools.

Facebook Creator Studio screenshot

In “More Options”. you can include a sentiment or boost the post. but for the second option. you need to use Facebook’s ads feature. Also activate the option “receive messages”. in call to action.


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