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Expected This Romania Phone Number

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Expected This Romania Phone Number

Digital Marketing Courses Digital Marketing programmatic In one of the chapters of Superstore . An American sitcom that follows the employees of a Walmart-style hypermarket. One of its clients annoyedly asks why they have products of such little value. Such as shaving products. Locked up in cabinets. In a Romania phone number of absolute sincerity. The assistant store manager explains that they are one of the most stolen products and that she can’t imagine how easy it is to steal them from the store. Therefore. They need to keep them locked and protected against theft. The explanation makes some sense. But what’s interesting here is what made the consumer ask in the first place.

What consumers associate with products that should be kept under lock and key is everything that has a very high price. Which is not only expensive but also valuable at other. More subjective and emotional levels. Perhaps the best example is in Romania phone number All jewelry products are under lock and key and in showcases. Even if their value is not very high. That fact that we have to ask permission to touch it works as part of the experience. It is what makes us perceive them as something valuable and important. Therefore. The cabinet or locked item not only function as protective barriers. But also have an effect in terms of perception. They play with the psychology of consumers.

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And that is precisely what experts from Nanjing University. National Sun Yat-sen University and Northwestern University have investigated. Who have studied how space affects the perception of products and what we are willing to pay for them. The showcase is thus also a marketing element. Researchers have found that consumers default to the fact Romania phone number if there are products they can’t touch and that are out of their reach – the classic products locked in a locked cabinet – it is because the store must protect them from possible theft or damage. They are out of reach so consumers can’t do anything bad to them. Because they are. Or so the consumer brain assumes.

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Very valuable. This last element is what makes these showcases become a potential marketing element: that presence improves your vision. That gives these products a certain aura of luxury and value. It not only works before the tangible The idea can Romania phone number extrapolated to more levels. As the researchers have shown. In general. Putting distance between the consumer and the product works by activating the perception of luxury. Prestige and value. While when the product is presented in a closer way. More that can be touched. It gains in proximity and is linked to the idea proximity associated with popular products. Therefore. Marketers must be very clear about how they want to present their brand and what values are fundamental in their products.

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The distance between the consumer and the product does not only work in physical environments. Such as locked display cases. Consumers also respond in a similar way when it is simulated in advertisements or online presentations. They continue to Romania phone number the product that touch of something inaccessible and luxurious. Of high value. For example. In a fashion print ad. This idea of distance is activated when the product – in his tests it was a bag – and the model featured in the ad are physically distanced. Something similar happened when consumers had to analyze a coffee machine: the one that was associated with luxury was the one that showed in its advertising a model that was further away from the coffee machine itself.

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