Errors in your email marketing campaign

It is very important to design an email so that your customers will want to open and read it. More and more companies use email IRELAND BUSINESS EMAIL LIST  so it is important that your email stands out from the rest. There are many articles with advice on best practices for designing emails, but sometimes it is the small design errors that can cause our email to end up in the recycle bin. We leave you some errors that must be solved.We want our clients to be able to read our email easily. It is important to bear in mind that not everyone will read it on the computer, some will read it on tablets and smartphones. For that reason, increasing the font size is a good idea, but not too much. A standard size can be 14for body text. In addition, it is convenient to use simple, consistent and secure fonts on the web – not only within a single email, but also in all your loyalty emails. If we want to use different fonts, we can use two, one for the headlines and one for the body of the email. And, be careful to avoid fonts with similar spellings, as they are generally more difficult to read. The goal is for your marketing communications to be effective. It is a good idea to use dark colored fonts on a light background so that they are highly readable. Reserve the brightest colors for call-to-action buttons.


Images are an essential aspect to capture the attention of your readers, but without distracting them from your main objective. Use simple, relevant, and  Buy View Like fun images. It is better to use basic and clear images that are quickly associated with your brand and your message, and then go to your content. Avoid images that can be confusing. You don’t want customers to wonder what those images you use mean and what they have to do with you, and you need to think about your audience when choosing them. If the image references something specific, take a minute to make sure that the majority of your audience will understand it.

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We want our emails to have a consistent look, style and voice. If we change the tone of voice or personality that you use in your messages, structure them in the template, you run the risk of having confused customers and possibly unsubscribing. Without consistency, loyal customers can receive an email, look at it and unsubscribe without seeing that it is one of ours, simply because it is similar to all the others. Contact information should always be easy to find and should always be in the same place. The template design and color schemes can be changed a bit, but without making too drastic a change. Thus, we must maintain the recognizable elements in each email and adhere them to our company brand image so that users recognize us. The main things to change are the subject line, headline, body text, and images. The rest should stay relatively the same. Create your style and be consistent.