End Of Itunes: What Will Change For You

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End Of Itunes: What Will Change For You

Apple had already announced the Israel WhatsApp Number List  during WWDC 2019. It is therefore anything but a surprise, especially as rumors had been running for several months about this supposed killing, and that the contents of the service had been deleted on social networks. The rest seemed to be obvious: as on the iPhone and iPad, the multimedia content of the customers of the Apple brand will now be divided into three applications on the Mac: Apple Music, Podcasts and Apple TV app.
This will allow a much better experience for users, who will be able to have separate and dedicated universes for their videos, podcasts and music. And sign the end of a real gas factory that did too many things, too many things.

The end of iTunes mainly means easier use of your media files for you. Apple Music will allow you to collect all your music files, whether they have been purchased, downloaded or ripped. You will always be able to buy new songs through the store.The Apple TV app will allow you to access many movies and TV series by renting or buying them, but also to channels and services, and soon to Apple TV +, the streaming service that should arrive in the coming months. .Finally, the Podcasts application will offer a unified experience, with access to all the podcasts of the platform as on your iPhone, but also a curation service and search tools.You can of course continue to synchronize your content between your third-party devices and your Mac. To do this, you just have to go through the Finder once the device is connected.

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Easy management for your media

Previous backups will still be accessible, you won’t lose any data while switching to macOS Catalina . Are you on Windows? So that’s another story, since iTunes is still present on Microsoft’s OS, and no alternative has been announced for the moment In the end, the investment funds agreed to invest 10 million euros, on the basis much higher in value than I had presented a few years earlier. A real victory, even if it was done in pain. oes the experience of top-level sport help in this kind of adventure?
Absolutely. Combativeness, resilience, strength of character help in these difficult times. Doing extreme sports means playing with your physical integrity, but also managing pressure, fears, adrenaline, to an immeasurable level. When you play high-level sport, you work a lifetime and, on the day of the competition, everything is played out in a second.


Fortunately I had done these 15-20 years of competition, it helped me to manage difficult situations without panicking.What are the short and medium term objectives for onoff? The objective is to try to reinvent the world of telecommunications, which is an aging world. I want to bring the user experience from the application world to the telecom world, and the technology from the telecom world to the application world. Making the most of the two, mixing them together when they were previously totally separate. Now that we have a technology and a product, we are moving to a phase of both popularization and diversification. We have to make people understand that if they want to have a professional number, they no longer need to have two SIM cards, to pay for two subscriptions, to have two phones in their pocket.

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A synchronization that now goes through the Finder

This can be done with one click through an app. The same goes for companies, which can manage the numbers of multiple employees remotely more easily. And in parallel, To achieve this goal, there is my personal development: learning to manage, to build growing teams while keeping the ingredients that made onoff succeed in seeing the light of day. We do not act the same way at 2 as at 10, 20 or 50!Among other new features, Apple will allow users to choose the gender and skin color of each person for emojis symbolizing two people holding hands. You should thus be able to achieve better representative couples.You can also choose neutral emojis, rather than necessarily having to choose a male or female emoji, for many emojis – especially those that symbolize professions.

The awareness of the dangers of deepfake videos is growing stronger, as they multiply at high speed. These montages that seek to use artificial intelligence to notably change the faces of people in videos have started to arrive online recently. First of all crude, their quality improves, to the point of asking questions about the possible manipulation they could engender in public opinion. This concerns both national and international issues, such as the questioning of the credibility of certain politicians during elections, but also your daily life, with inglorious arrangements in your image for example.A study by Deeptrace , a company specializing in deepfake detection, shows the explosion of this problem. Relayed by CNN , she explains that the number of deepfakes detected by her service rose from 7,964 in December to 14,687 recently, an increase of 84% in less than a year.

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