Emotions They Uruguay Phone Number

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Emotions They Uruguay Phone Number

Further opening up its potential. Likewise. Applying technology in this new domain makes another element clear. The application of these tools is not limited to certain sectors. Anyone. No matter how traditional or linked to the tangible and physical. Can Uruguay phone number the experience by applying it. To find out the perception of Spanish consumers about sustainability in order to to help brands define their strategies. In general. The level of awareness among Spanish consumers is quite high. Since more than 42% of the participants consider sustainability a very important issue. The research focuses primarily on the practices and ideas of consumers around five areas: food. Automotive.

Fashion. Public services and travel; and takes into account elements such as transparency. Knowledge of the strategies and measures adopted by brands. The willingness to pay more for sustainable products and to be part of a community. In the case Uruguay phone number of food. 46% of the participants affirm that they would choose a brand that is recognized for being sustainable and 48% consider the supply of sustainable food to be very important. The carbon footprint worries consumers: 60% of them would like to follow the carbon footprint of their food brands and 18% say they already do.

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In the case of fashion. 40% of consumers understand sustainability as a very important factor and only 11% rate this aspect below 4 in terms of its degree of relevance. In fact. 84% claim to sometimes or frequently certify the origin of the raw materials of the Uruguay phone number they buy. And 29% affirm that when purchasing a product. They take into account the environmental impact of its manufacture. According to Carlos Díaz. Chief Sustainability Officer of SAP for the South of EMEA. “To respond to the interest that consumers are showing for sustainable practices. Companies must combine three types of indicators: what customers request in terms of sustainability and for what they are willing to pay; the financial information.

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Uruguay Phone Number List

Key to creating investment and profitability scenarios; and the third. The sustainability data of its operations with type 1. 2 and 3 emissions. Compliance with standards. Etc. This is the only way companies know what their consumers want. What actions they can Uruguay phone number afford to take and how it impacts the green profile of their products.” 46% of consumers declare that sustainability is an essential element to purchase a car and 52% take into account the manufacturer’s emissions to make the purchase decision. In addition. 47% value the sustainable origin of the materials and 45% the recycling of the components at the end of the vehicle’s useful life. These data show that transparency is essential when it comes to improving brand image.

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Incorporating information on the sustainable origin of food or clothing into labels can be an important competitive advantage. Ignorance In the field of fashion. We hear more and more about recycling garments. The growth of the second-hand market and pay-per-use. But consumers are unaware of the brands’ policies in this regard. Only 50% know that some Uruguay phone number have recycling policies for their garments and 30% of those who do not know. Would be willing to use this type of service. 29% of consumers believe that their utility providers (electricity. Gas. Water. Etc.) Do not clearly communicate their sustainability programs and initiatives and 44% score below 5 for understanding actions against change climate developed by these suppliers.

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