Email message deliverability guide

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Email message deliverability guide

Currently, one in five email messages sent by companies to their contacts is not delivered. This problem worries 80% of professionals, according to the 2017 barometer of emailing practices prepared by the Dolist company.Therefore, the deliverability of email messages is an issue of great importance when carrying out any online Luxembourg B2B Contact List campaign. Especially now when ” the environment of deliverability has changed because the recipient has become the one who decides what content they receive and the current legal framework has granted a sacred status to the personal data we handle,” according to Dolist. In addition, this reality will be strengthened in May with the arrival of the new European regulation on data protection.
So that spam does not saturate the recipient, Internet service providers increasingly develop more advanced tools such as filters that include emails in black lists, parameters that measure the reputation of the sender or various antispam tools. The experts point out that “they increase the barriers to reach the inboxes of the contacts, so the only solution that the company has is to maintain a good technical reputation . ”

The white paper, published yesterday February 16 by Dolist, is a complete guide that aims to teach Spanish professionals to optimize the deliverability of messages: “A series of metrics must be taken into account: whether the unsubscription rate or the complaints exceed 0.2%, the rate of hardbounces (invalid email addresses) does not remain below 5% or the number of clicks is insufficient, deliverability will be clearly impaired ”.Likewise, this guide addresses all the aspects that affect the mail delivery process and teaches how to design quality messages taking into account the HTML tags of the email and other aspects such as sender settings, message subject optimization or debugging. from the contact list.

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In addition, the book provides tips such as ” ask contacts to add you to the address book to avoid some of the filters “, “use calls to action (CTA) to achieve  Buy View Like greater efficiency ” or ” respect the image-to-text ratio by 70-30, without turning the images into the protagonists of the message ”, since a large number of users do not activate themThe guide shows a list of typical spamwords that should not be included in the subject (offer, improvement, promotion, credit, free …), identifies the days of the week in which the recipients register a better reactivity (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and explains in detail what are the most convenient HTML tags to use in the messages that are sent.In its final pages, the deliverability book incorporates a glossary of frequent marketing terms so that any professional, without advanced knowledge in the matter, can be sure that the messages sent to their contacts will have a high deliverability rate, which That will determine the ultimate success of your marketing campaign.

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