Diversidays wants to highlight the talents of diversity to move digital

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Diversidays wants to highlight the talents of diversity to move digital

Diversidays has been working Egypt WhatsApp Number List  diversity, by multiplying actions and events. As the community of talents and businesses that revolve around the association continues to grow, we interviewed its two founders, Mounira Hamdi and Anthony Babkine, to understand how they work to make the world of tech more inclusive. Do you want to meet them? The next major event organized by Diversidays will take place on December 12 in the evening at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris. Registration is free bCan you start by presenting Diversidays? What are the objectives of the association?Diversidaysis a national equal opportunities association which is just celebrating its second birthday. Co-founded by Mounira Hamdi and Anthony Babkine, its mission is to build an egalitarian and inclusive digital society in which each individual can have their chance. Concretely, our teams support entrepreneurs to accelerate their positive impact projects.

The particularity of “diversimakers” is that they come from diversity (social, ethnic, territorial and many others) and that they carry a digital project. This acceleration involves a support system over several weeks, deployed in multiple French regions. The three levers of our programs are: building self-confidence, networking as well as making the entrepreneur visible.Bring together volunteers and decision-makers in favor of equal opportunities in the digital world During the regional springboard, highlight these talents of diversity in the face of decision-makers and committed citizens. What made you want to embark on this adventure? A simple observation: the digital society is not representative of the diversity of the territory. This is what gave us the desire to move the lines. We believe that the digital revolution will only be successful if it is strong in its diversity.

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Can you start by presenting Diversidays? What are the objectives of the association?

We are convinced that diversity (social, ethnic, cultural, etc.) is an opportunity for our country, for growth as well as for employment. Proof of this is that the vast majority of talents supported by Diversidays have created their business and, for some, created jobs in turn. This virtuous circle has another benefit: that of encouraging other talents to pursue their dreams and ambitions by relying on these new examples of success.How is the team organized? Who revolves around the association, between volunteers, permanent staff and partners? The hard core of the association is made up of:20 volunteers who come to support the action of the association during major highlights (regional initiatives, our annual economic and social forum, the creation of our interpellation tools); 3 full-time people to manage partnerships, support programs and springboards;



10 national partners and around fifty decision-makers committed to working alongside us to support the action of the association and mentor talents;40 associations and players in the digital ecosystem to support sourcing, action and mobilization around our great cause, inclusive digital.You have already organized many events in recent months. Can you tell us about it?
Indeed, the most recent was our 1st economic and social forum. This allowed us to:Highlight personalities committed to these issues of talent diversity in tech and digital Launch our first “QPV et Numérique” index, with Pôle emploi and Occurrence, and thus show the lack of appetite for digital employment in the city’s priority neighborhoods. This index confirms the interest in action like ours. Make the first diversity and digital directory official.

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What made you want to embark on this adventure?

Digital leaders who embody diversity are still too often invisible in the media today. To make these role models emerge, we have to give them the spotlight they deserve. This is why, the day after the officialization of the Next40 index and the announcement of the government action plan to bring out 25 French unicorns by 2025, Diversidays worked on a strong action to show the diversity of Tech entrepreneurs.It has resulted in the release of a tool that could make it possible to promote the diversity of profiles of tech entrepreneurs: the 2019 diversity and digital directory . More than a photograph of the real French digital landscape, this directory is a tool for us to identify future tech nuggets.


62 talents are present in the directory, which includes Diversimakers (talents selected by Diversidays) and profiles sourced by around ten associations, support programs and equal opportunities structures (Article 1, Simplon, Mozaïk RH , The Determined, Institut Télémaque, Sport in the city, 42 ambassadors, 100,000 entrepreneurs, Guadeloupe Tech).In short, we support these talents, and today we are more convinced than ever: some carry impact projects likely to become future French unicorns.
What are the next steps for Diversidays? We have just opened the ticket office for our great Tremplin event which will take place on December 12 at 7:30 pm in the lounges of the Hôtel de Ville in Paris. An evening during which 8 talents from diversity and Tech will be in the spotlight. Join the Diversidays movement, to give all talents a chance to take up the great challenge of tech and digital technology in France. At your places!

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