Digital transformation in the different business sectors

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Digital transformation in the different business sectors

With the advancement of digital transformation, Big Data has gained special relevance since it is positioned as one of the main levers to take advantage of existing opportunities in sectors such as Banking, Energy, Telecommunications, Distribution, among others.The first, identification Slovenia B2B Contact List   of the need. Identifying the main moments in which there are needs to have a certain product (eg: an insurance policy, a mortgage or a next-generation mobile phone) or service from customers, is one of the keys to help wake up and at the same time cover them.“To achieve this, it is vitally important that the sales force is aware and convinced about the characteristics and benefits of its products and services. The key to ensuring success in this aspect is through training, incentives and homogeneous commercial protocols, mainly, with the aim that they are completely convinced of the products and services they commercialize and, therefore, convincingly transfer the characteristics and advantages of the same to the clients ” .Second, the search for information . Clients immerse themselves in a search for information once they have a need, which generates important opportunities for differentiation in commercial performance by companies, both from a proactive and reactive perspective. Thus, through a proactive approach, the company’s employee network tries to establish contact with customers, through different channels (eg: calls, messages, emails …) in order to inform them about the entity’s products and promotions . In this way, it is achieved that every time a client has a need related to the sector and considers hiring a certain product or service, they think of our entity as the first option.

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On the other hand, the reactive approach is of great value to detect the needs of  Buy View Like clients through questions that show the interest of the entity about their personal situation, current employment situation, marital status, family situation, etc. Informing about the products and services available and their advantages is another important action on the part of the salesperson in those moments of contact. In this way, it is achieved both that the entity has updated customer data, and that the customers themselves take that information into account now or in the near future when a new need arises.Third moment, the hiring . The quality of the offer is a fundamental aspect for the conversion of oppo r tun itiesinto a sale. The attitude, specialization and the optimal use of information by the employee are variables that play a leading role at the precise moment of the sale. It is a situation in which the customer requires more information about the product or service in question and, therefore, a good explanation is the key to increasing the likelihood of conversion.

«For example, a survey by the Institute for Family Protection in Spain states that 74.7% of clients prefer that their insurance manager recommend an insurance appropriate to their needs, rather than offer them the cheapest insurance (only the 13.3% of those surveyed chose this option) » , explains José Luis Cortina.
The fourth aspect, the After-Sales . After hiring there are moments that can produce changes in the situation of the clients with respect to the entity. Thus, the birth of a new child, the acquisition of a new vehicle, the change in the employment situation or the resolution of a problem predisposes the customer and the company has to be prepared for it. In this sense, it is essential for entities to identify these critical moments, since they can represent both cross-selling opportunities and moments of risk of customer flight.
José Luis Cortina concludes , « active listening to customers and the systematic use of all available data are elements that are especially relevant when generating new opportunities to increase the portfolio of products and services with current customers and to maintain them satisfied, thus preserving the risk of flight ”

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