Content marketing is on the marketers’ podium

If we say that the marketing departments of companies are one of those that benefit the most when it comes to allocating the budget, we are not wrong. At a time when marketing strategies take on more importance than ever, those responsible for social media and content Spain B2B Contact List  actions have more and more weight within companies.But it is precisely in this area, in that of content marketing, where money disappears more “easily”. And is that according to a recent study carried out in the United States by the market research company Gleanster, 55% of the budget allocated to the marketing department ends up being spent on this strategy.

If we take into account that 67% of the marketers surveyed consider that content marketing is above the rest of marketing disciplines, it is not surprising that in the United States 5.2 billion dollars a year are allocated to the creation and dissemination of content .However, that astronomical amount of money that is “invested” in content marketing could not be being used to the maximum since many marketers do not dedicate much effort to design strategies that allow them to optimize that budget. Along these lines, the Gleanster study concludes that 958 million dollars are wasted per year due to inefficient processes and redundant and non-optimized content.


It is precisely the optimization of the content that would allow a substantial improvement Buy View Like  of the strategies, allowing tripling the creation of better quality content that generates more engagement among its readers. For this optimization, Gleanster points out that there are three factors that must be taken into account: the standardization of workflows, centralized work and the integration of technological tools. And it goes without saying that good training makes the real difference.

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