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Cinema Tunisia Phone Number

Marketing and emotions: why companies should also clearly measure the emotional impact of their brand products To understand what makes consumers loyal to the brand. It is not enough to know what they feel. It must be converted into measurable and Tunisia phone number data Tags marketing emotions fidelity measurement read later favorites 0 ads UDIMA. Distance University of Madrid. Study degrees. Official master’s degrees online or the doctorate at a distance. The best option to study online. In the list of recurring elements that companies should not forget when creating their strategy and defining how they interact with consumers. Emotions have become a constant.

Emotion is key. Because it creates more lasting bonds. More positive impacts or makes everything more memorable. Emotion is also. Or so it seems. Something a bit vague. A somewhat subjective and hardly countable element. It’s not like clicks. Which can be converted into unquestionable numbers. Or like audience figures. Which can be estimated in a Tunisia phone number more or less unquestionable way. Measuring love seems unlikely. Actually. It is not. If emotions have become a basic piece in the marketing strategy of companies and a key element in understanding the relationships established between brands and consumers. They must also be integrated at other levels in marketing and advertising work.

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If the other elements that matter in the strategy and in the execution of the strategy are followed up. It is also necessary to do so with emotions. It may not seem intuitively so easy to measure and convert into numbers. However. Emotions can also be measured. As Forrester recalls . The consumer experience is a key element in creating a relationship of loyalty between Tunisia phone number consumer and the brand. So it is necessary to fully monitor what happens in these areas. That implies measuring the emotional part. Although for this you have to use emotional metrics and also understand that they do not operate in a vacuum. Measurements. Complex First of all. When measuring emotions. Marketers must be fully aware that this is a complex environment and as such must have complex measurement systems.

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That is. As Forrester points out. Emotional metrics are not just data from satisfaction surveys or a number that has been drawn in a ranking that is done from time to time. Brands must measure all the interactions in which they connect with the consumer and Tunisia phone number he experiences and receives them. Each interaction is different and can have an equally differentiated impact on the happiness – or not – of the consumer. These different impacts are what end up adding up in the race for loyalty. Companies must therefore do a constant job of monitoring emotions. Including the most varied data sources possible. Direct feedback from the consumer.

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Monitoring of sentiments in social networks or attention to what happens in call centers are some of the tools that help to profile emotions more completely. In summary. It could be said that companies have to be attentive to everything. There is a lot of talk about how companies should take a holistic approach to brand strategy and actions. The truth is that the same Tunisia phone number happen with emotions. Emotions and behavior to understand what happens To continue. Emotional metrics must be analyzed taking into account the full context. This implies adding what happens with behavior: not only do you have to know what consumers feel. But also how they behave. After all. It doesn’t matter if consumers proclaim love for your brand if they don’t buy your products afterwards. It is therefore important to understand what they do and why.

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