Become a Writing Champion USA WhatsApp Number List by Turning the Hard Stuff into a Game

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Become a Writing Champion USA WhatsApp Number List by Turning the Hard Stuff into a Game

USA WhatsApp Number
USA WhatsApp Number

Over in our Killers and Poets USA WhatsApp Number List Facebook group, we’ve been talking about a quote from my friend Susan Garrett.

Susan is a multiple worldwide champion in the sport of dog agility. She’s also a brilliant animal trainer and runs an incredibly successful business. Different versions of this quote have inspired many of her friends and customers:

“Champions in any field USA WhatsApp Number List make a habit of taking. Things that other people find boring or uncomfortable and turning them into a game for themselves.”
– Susan Garrett

It’s a riff on another quote about getting tough and doing what others don’t want to do. Which is great and all, but most of us … don’t really feel like doing boring or uncomfortable stuff.

But figuring out a game that we want to play every day? That sounds like a lot more fun.

This week, I asked our writing team about the elements of their professional work they’ve successfully turned into games. Here’s what they came up with:

Stefanie Flaxman


I’m always “in competition” with the last few articles I wrote. I want to make sure I’m pushing my abilities with each new piece of writing.

Reviewing my recent content before starting on a new draft also helps me spot ideas I may have touched on previously but want to clarify and explore further.

Comments from previous posts also inspire new topics.

It’s a great example of the flexibility of blogging — especially for those waiting for “the perfect moment” to publish their first blog post.

While you want to share writing that is thorough and valuable, you can’t predict how your content project is going to unfold.

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Each post is just the next step in a piece of performance art that takes shape as you work on it.

Art can be a game.

Loryn Thompson

Data Analyst

Admittedly, I’m not much for gamification, but I suppose I do have one “game” that helps me write, and the name of the game is “Stick With It.”

Whether it’s an article I’m just not quite feeling, or keeping up with my regular posts on RIDEWELL, the one strategy I’ve found that works for the long term is to stay with it, to keep working at it.

The other day, I heard a radio interview with an author (I don’t remember who it was, but if you’re familiar with it, let us know in the comments!) who said something like:

“It’s not that experience helps you become a better writer; it just gets easier to be patient with yourself, with your crap.”

To get to the good stuff, you have to have faith in your work. You have to stay with it long enough for it to become something worthwhile. If you can summon the patience to let yourself work through all the “bad” stuff and still keep writing, you win.

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