Call to Action Buttons

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Call to Action Buttons

Call -to-action buttons tend to generate feedback of a different nature. On the one hand, it’s nice to have a clearly visible call-to-action button near the image that people can click; On the other hand, this button adds even more elements to your ad image, distracting people from what’s really important: your product. If you decide to use a call to action button on your banner, use the RGB color wheel to decide what color your button should be. Simply take a look at the main color of your banner, place it on the RGB color wheel, and find the opposite color. That’s the color your call to action button should be.

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t add too much text to your image and the first has to do with Facebook’s 20% text rule. This means that South korea whatsapp number list no more than 20% of your image should be covered by text (excluding the logo). Facebook is not going to disapprove of ads even if they have more than 20% text in them, but it is going to affect the effectiveness of the ad and another pertinent reason is that too many additional elements in the image are going to distract from the product.

Under the Call to Action

What’s more, you shouldn’t use text over your image because Facebook gives. You plenty of space at the top and bottom of your ad image to write about your product, its price. Where it can be purchased. Under the Call to Action, click on “Show. Advanced Options” and enter a Description of the link in the News feed that will appear below the title. Review the ad preview to make sure it looks just the way you wanted it to. Finally, remove any ad placements you don’t want to use. When using Facebook advertising. It’s best to choose and use only one type of placement when possible: if you choose multiple ad placements.

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South-Korea WhatsApp Number List

Facebook will again try to optimize your campaign and therefore spend most of your budget on mobile . If that’s what you want, great, but if you don’t have a mobile responsive website, you may end up getting a lot of mobile traffic but few effective sales, and you’ll end up wasting some of your precious Facebook ad dollars, which exactly you want to avoid. I also recommend that you do not use the Public Network placement option, as it includes third-party applications and web pages that are outside of Facebook and usually do not generate the results you want, or even worse.

Once You’re Satisfied

You cannot control the context of said web pages. What your ad may be showing to the right audience but within the framework of a rather strange piece of content. And once you’re satisfied with all of the above criteria. Click “Review Order”, double check your campaign settings, and click “Place Order”. Congratulations, you ‘ve created your first Facebook ad campaign! Guide to advertising on Facebook: after In this section of the Facebook Advertising Guide. You’ll learn how to gain key insights into the effectiveness of your ads through reporting analysis.

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