By Creating a Few Ads

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By Creating a Few Ads

You can quickly see which image is performing best. You can choose it and pause the other ads so you don’t waste your advertising budget. The recommended image size is 1200 x 628 pixels and I suggest saving the files in .png format. Background color of images When people check your news feed on Facebook, it’s usually a daunting task to get their attention. This is why you should use banners with very vivid and eye-catching backgrounds to make your Facebook ads stand out. Often, a human face has a greater impact in attracting the attention of your potential clients, but keep in mind that its use can be as beneficial as it is detrimental.

For example, if the face in your ad is looking directly at the camera, it may completely grab the potential buyer’s attention. It can be a beneficial element in principle, but also the client can end up being distracted from the product you promote, which Slovenia whatsapp number list end up causing you to pay for an impression that does not bring you any benefit. Rather try to find images in which the model is looking sideways or gesturing towards the product or where the product information is located. If you are not using any faces in your banner, try to focus attention on your product.

The Text Will Appear Above

Either way, the product should be the main subject of your image. After the images, continue with the text part of your Facebook ad. At this point, select the Facebook page from which you’re going to manage the ads, you can also choose to remove it, but that would prevent you from managing the ads in the news feed for both mobile and desktop, and this is not the most desirable. . You can also connect your Instagram account , if you would like your ads to be visible on this platform as well. Then, enter the headline and text your ad will use and select an optional button for a call to action.

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The text will appear above the image and the title immediately below it. For the title you have a character limit of 25 symbols, and for the post text, you have 90 characters. Qualification: Your title should be short, and should show the main features of your product. If your first selling point is price, use it in your headline to highlight how reasonable the price is. Do not use more than one relevant aspect there, because the title will end up being too long and you will confuse your potential clients with too much information, which can be perceived as an insistent tone that ends up being uncomfortable.

Main Text First of All

make sure you have value-added propositions. In this text, you should emphasize the value that your product provides to your potential customers. The second element you must include is a clear call to action. That is why it is not recommended to place any call to action on the image itself. This should clearly state what you are looking for with your campaign. If you want people to buy your product, use “Buy Now”, “Buy Now”, “Get One Now” etc, to get their attention. Third, add a link to your preferred landing page . You should offer users as many opportunities as possible to click through to visit your online store.

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