But what I am concerned about is that in the past two

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But what I am concerned about is that in the past two

But what I am concerned about is that in the past two weeks. The number of critically ill patients has increased by five times. If we look at the age group of infection. The order is – 85.7% (60th place) over the age of 60. 10% over the age of 50 ( 7), 4.3% (3) over the age of 40, and the number of deaths due to the new coronavirus in South Korea is 323, of which patients over 60 years old are the majority, as high as 93.2% (301). I am afraid that the elderly are in In this resurgence of the epidemic. We have to be careful again and again.

In addition in recent weeks most of the confirmed cases of

The new coronavirus have been concentrated Kuwait Phone Number in. Seoul the capital city with convenient transportation and crowded population. Coupled with the resistance and awareness of epidemic prevention. Most of the elderly are weaker than young people (such as 8 On March 23, Seoul’s acting mayor, Sea held an emergency epidemic prevention press conference, announcing the number of confirmed cases of the virus in recent days, with nearly a quarter and 23.3% of them being 65-year-olds).

The huge increase in medical resource expenditure. The ” difficulty ” of treatment effects, and the early end of social distancing, etc. Are the main reasons for the resurgence of the epidemic in South Korea. AP_20244248137096 Photo Credit: AP But in reality, many capitalist Korean conglomerates, such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and other groups, can’t wait for the government to play chess, and have announced the expansion of the number of employees working from home.

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In cities such as the North District of Kwangju Metropolitan

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City on the 26th, 28 confirmed believers of the “Sacred Forest Baptist Church” broke out. Later, 33 other confirmed cases were found locally, or the “Lord’s Church” in the western district of Incheon. A total of 26 believers were infected collectively. Since then, areas including these believers and as many as 64 cases have begun to prepare to enter the ” quasi-third stage of social distancing in an attempt to control the local population. Epidemic.

And what is the current situation in Seoul, South Korea? According to the Yonah News Agency , the re-emergence of the epidemic may have caused a pandemic across the country. Although Seoul has not raised the level of social distancing to level 3, it has also adopted the “enhanced version” in many facilities and places with a high risk of infection. “2.5 Social Distancing is in full swing.

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