Better captioning tools on social media

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Better captioning tools on social media


Transcripts are an outstanding resource to utilize! Not only do they describe the dialogue of a video, but they also describe the sounds and visuals. Not to mention, they provide your followers with a choice in how they consume your video content.

And there’s more good news. Transcripts can also be formatted in a way that is SEO-friendly, and they give you the opportunity to link to other pages and resources. Netherlands Mobile Number For inspiration, our blog team did a fantastic job for this podcast on user experience. YouTube can create transcripts automatically, but you do need to review them as the tool doesn’t work perfectly.

If writing transcripts feels overwhelming, we encourage you to head over to W3C. Netherlands Mobile Number They have a great resource for how to handle transcripts.

Better captioning tools on social media

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The platforms are starting to take social media accessibility more seriously by adding tools to make your videos more accessible. Some, like TikTok, generate subtitles automatically. These may not always be perfect, but it’s a good starting point. Instagram has also started adding captions to muted videos in your feed.

Other accessibility considerations

Though we have discussed a bunch of important topics already, there are still a few other things to consider when it comes to social media accessibility. So, buckle up!


Did you know that emojis have their own Unicode description? This description is what gets read out loud when people use screen readers. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with using emojis, but they do get abused sometimes. Especially from an accessibility point of view. Let’s look at an example. You may remember the infamous red flag trend that was everywhere.

Screen readers read the emoji description out loud, and there is currently no way to skip this. So, you can imagine how the tweet above might’ve sounded. “I’m not on Twitter” triangular flag triangular flag triangular flag triangular… etc.

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While emojis are fun, make sure you use them towards the end of your copy. If they are in between sentences, make sure they have context. Ask yourself, does the emoji description make sense in this copy?

Tip: If you want to know a specific emoji’s description, we recommend looking it up on Emojipedia.

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