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How to Analyze the Seo Strategy at the Beginning of the Project

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How to Analyze the Seo Strategy at the Beginning of the Project

The analysis of the SEO strategy and its results is the first phase of the action plan. If an already existing site is the basis of a new project, there is a change of brand or the implementation of a new development strategy. Modern search engines have become smarter than they were five years ago. Now, it’s not enough to fill the text with many different keywords and wait for the site to reach the TOP of the results page. The content of the site must be useful, readable and up to date. Search engines track user actions on pages. They analyze whether the text was read to the end, how long the user spent on the page, etc. If the text on the site does not answer the questions of the reader.

Where to Start Seo Strategy Analysis Different Site Owners

It must meet the main promotion objectives of the website and satisfy the needs of search engines. The SEO analysis of the site allows evaluating the VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists main aspects of a promotion campaign, to identify all the advantages and disadvantages of the strategy. Finally, the data received will serve as a basis for the development of the new strategic plan. Where to start SEO strategy analysis Different site owners and webmasters may have different goals that influence how they approach promotion. However, the first thing we need to do is check if the previous strategy is suitable for achieving your current goals. Generally. They are expressed in numbers, for example: if they are online purchases or services. Increased sales rates or return on investment (roi);in case of informational resources — increased coverage.

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Qualitative Measures at the Very Beginning of the Project

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From your target numbers, you can see how good the old strategy is. Previous statistics can help analyze the current state of the site. Additionally, it can help identify possible ways to improve site traffic, conversion, etc. Qualitative measures at the very beginning of the project. It is important to understand how the content of the given resource satisfies the planned release. The basic indicators of site seo are the number of keywords. The availability of meta tags on all pages. Relevance to the target audience, appropriate internal links, and extensive link mass.

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