Areas of Development of Educational Assessment

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Areas of Development of Educational Assessment

Assessment of learning. Focused on the evaluation of everything that happens in the classroom, focused on methodological learning strategies. It has a wide variety of strategies, instruments and tools to record the performance or scope of different types of learning. 2. Evaluation of the institutions. Evaluation of the school institution, based on methodological strategies that consider a center as a particular form of institution. It requires an exact definition of the purposes, scope and limitations of the institution itself, as well as knowing who is responsible for the evaluation, and who intervenes in one way or another. 3. Evaluation of programs and projects. Evaluation of programs and projects carried out. It is a matter of specifying what or what will be the central axes of the evaluation of the project, program or policy; design, execution and management, results.

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Evaluation of the educational system. It is the widest possible scope. It refers to the search for answers about the functioning, the totality or a segment of the educational system as a whole. The Macedonia Phone Number List methodological requirements are complex and involve decisions about the scope and purposes of the evaluation. INSTITUTIONAL EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION The institutional evaluation) must have the characteristic of being permanent and inclusive. Permanent, because it must be carried out at all times and not have an end, and integrating because “Evaluation is not an appendix added to educational processes, but rather, due to its guiding role for planners, managers, teachers and students, it must assume the character of a systemic activity, fully integrated with the educational function and that for these reasons must be continuous and not merely episodic.

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Our conception of institutional evaluation has evolved constantly, particularly in the course of the last 30 or 40 years. The same is largely explained by the changes that have occurred in the. University with regard to its orientations, its internal organization and its relations with society. In addition, Evaluating the university means issuing a value judgment regarding the relevance and rationale  Buy Views Like of its objectives, their degree of fulfillment and the way in which they have been achieved. Obviously, all this is not simple. Neither evaluation specialists nor the university representatives themselves have been able to agree on how to proceed. CONCLUSION: Assessment, representing the goals of education. Largely determines what students learn and how they learn it, what teachers teach and how they teach it.

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