And You Understand People

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And You Understand People

Conversion is an action that a surfer performs and is consider the achievement of some goal according to the definitions of the goals of the business.
For example – an ecommerce site will define as a conversion purchases in the store and newsletter registrations.
Another example – a promotional website of a service provider will define a conversion that a surfer will leave next to (fill out a form on the website).

How will we track conversions on Facebook?

Conversion is track using a pixel that is embe in the website code and monitors the activity of the surfers. Page views, product page views, additions to the cart, going to the payment page, purchases and other conversions that can be generate and customize such as clicking on a specific link/button, a certain behavior that you want to track on the site, etc.

Because after the IOS update, implementing Georgia Phone Number List the Facebook pixel in the way you normally know it no longer does the job properly and makes you miss a lot of surfers!

It can be done through the Pixel Your Site plugin that I personally use myself and with my clients, the pro version of the plugin simplifies the process and helps you set up not only tracking of conversions such as purchases, adding to the cart, leads… but much more than that. Emb the Facebook pixel in a way where it will track all conversions and all this with a few simple clicks and they also have a video tutorial on how to do it step by step.

Georgia Phone Number List

Using the Pixel Your Sight add-on for tracking purposes

Also the plug-in gives us a complete envelope and the possibility to track e-commerce events or leads in the new Google Analytics 4 , Tiktok, Google Ads and more, so as I said its use is not only for Facebook but for the other popular advertising platforms and all in one plug-in and in a few minutes of definition.

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