An Online Store Facebook Advertising

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An Online Store Facebook Advertising

You must select between “Send People to your Website” or “Increase Conversion Goal.  Because Facebook optimizes for clicks or conversions on the website. To use the latter option you need to set up some additional tracking on your Shopify store. Which we’ll cover next time. For now, select “Send People to Your Website”, enter. The of the product you want to promote and click “Set Audience and Budget”. The next step in our Facebook Ads guide is crucial. For your Facebook advertising strategies to be effective, you’ll need to specify your audience, budget, and timeline.

Select your audience: Once again, we emphasize that finding the right audience is an absolutely critical aspect for a campaign to be successful. So you must select the location, age, gender, and language of your audience: Once again: finding the Sri lanka whatsapp number list right audience is an absolutely critical factor for a successful Facebook ad campaign. The size of your audience will depend on the country you are in. Therefore, depending on the size and population of the country you are targeting, the size of your audience will vary. For example, the size of an audience in a country like Mexico will be greater than that of an audience in Spain, due to the difference in market size.

In a Normal Situation

When for example the Mexican market is targeted without any special interest or with similar audiences, the perfect size for an audience is approximately 500,000 people. It is convenient to target small audiences when you are targeting a segment based on their specific interests and you are sure that no one except your desirable audience will be reached. When targeting small audiences, try to use a Post Engagement-based campaign objective, which allows you to reach everyone in that specific audience. Additionally, it’s best to avoid mixing audiences from different countries, so I suggest targeting only one country per ad group.

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If your target audience is too small to do that, try to group similar countries, for example, in the case of the United States, it should never with another country, because its market differs from that of other countries. In addition, buying ads in the United States is more expensive than in any other country. Similarly, the countries of the Caribbean and Central America can be grouped together, since their markets have essentially the same characteristics, and the prices for advertising guidelines are similar. And not only that, consumer behavior is similar in the countries of this region.

And the Same Principle Applied

in the countries of the southern cone. One tip that comes in handy when advertising on Facebook is to avoid making baseless assumptions about. The demographics or age range of our audience when we start our first ad campaign. The biggest age groups on Facebook are in the following ranges: 18-24 and 25-34 years old. But you may be able to hit a gold mine in older generations. That is why you can initially target all age groups. And after a few days or a reasonable amount of time, make decisions based on the data obtained. Then enter one or more interests you’ve discovered in the Detailed Targeting section.

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