Activist photography: Sebastião Salgado and Jonathan Torgovnik

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Activist photography: Sebastião Salgado and Jonathan Torgovnik

The story of sebastião salgado could not be more peculiar an economist with a doctorate, he took a career leap at the age of 40 and became one of the great superstars in contemporary documentary After that, photography. By oscar colorado nates text originally published on february 23, 2013, updated on september 6, december 14, 2015 and july 26, 2021. 1. From economist to photographer sebastião ribeiro salgado was born in 1944 in minas gerais brazil.

His father was a landowner who had ten After that, farms and 15,000 head of cattle. 1 tião as his father called him was the only son with seven sisters and was, from a young age, a restless traveler. He began university studies in law to abandon them and decide on economics, which he studied in vitoria. After meeting and falling in love with a young woman named lélia deluiz wanick, he married her.


Clash of the Titans

The couple moved to são paulo so that the future background remove service photographer could pursue his masters degree in economics. He collaborated with the brazilian ministry of finance 1968. But opposed the military regime 1969 2 and the couple changed their residence to paris, exiled during the years of dictatorship in brazil which. Lasted from 1964 to 1985 france was a nation in solidarity with the latin american dictatorships3. Sebastião took the opportunity to do. His doctorate in that country and lélia architecture. “I discovered photography by chance.

My wife is an architect, when we were young and lived in paris. She bought a camera to take photos of buildings. For the first time I looked through a lens – and photography immediately began to invade my life.” 4 sebastião salgado and lélia deluiz wanick sebastião salgado and lélia deluiz wanick in 1971 they moved to london Similarly, where sebastião worked as an economist at the international coffee organization and began traveling to the african continent on commissions for the world bank.

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The ethical dilemma: to do or not to do? To show or not to show?

There he carried out his first photographic works that Buy Views Like were the reason for definitively exchanging economic practice for photography. «when I settled in england and from there. Similarly, I began to travel to africa for my work, photography gave. Me more pleasure than the reports I had to do. So one day. I got into a boat with lélia in a pond in hyde park and we discussed it for hours. He had an invitation to be a professor at the university of são paulo, another to work in. Washington at the world bank for a young economist it was a fabulous future.” 5 and yet he chose photography.

Sebastião salgado and lélia deluiz wanicksebastião salgado. Lélia deluiz wanick juliano ribeiro salgado and sebastião salgadose bastiao salgadoj uli ano ri beiro salga. Doportrait2 portra itleliasebastiaosal gado2 sebastião. photography. They sold everything and with the money they bought the equipment that the artist would need.

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