About His Book And So Much More

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About His Book And So Much More

And from my point of view, it’s like, “Oh, engineers figures how to sell stuff, by newspapers and direct mail.” That’s what this actually is. And so we just moved it on to the Internet. And so because of the way we write the books, those books usually last about three. Years before people start feeling like they’re long in the tooth.

And in fact, the first edition of the Google book came out in 2007. And if you went and you bought that version of the book and you used it, now it would be clunky and it would be difficult, but we are still telling you all the same basic right things to do, even if the details are wrong.

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And so and so that’s how we look at it. And I also looked at it like El-Salvador Mobile Database they think I’m teaching Google advertising. I’m really teaching them direct marketing. Which means if I do a good job at this, then they could go use LinkedIn or they could do Instagram or they can do Pinterest or whatever. And they’re going to find that that conceptually it’s not really all that different in that I’ve equipped my reader with something that will last much longer than his Google ads account.

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That’s great. That’s really great. So teaching on first principles and it sounds like universal strategies, not in the weeds tactics. And you said with that, you know the the the shelf life the shelf life is a Buy View Like lot longer than three years.

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But three years is when it sounds like people start to feel like maybe they’re a little bit it’s a little bit dated. So I think that leads to multiple editions. And I’ve seen you do this with a lot of your books, but I don’t even. Know how many editions you’re on with the Google ads one.

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