A Book About The Strategy Behind

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A Book About The Strategy Behind

I was a good writer. Well, one day I get this phone call and this guy says, “Hi, my name is Matt. I’m from the ISA and we own this magazine that you write stuff for. And we have a book division and we are looking for somebody to write a book on if they’re not.” And I go: “Well, I don’t really know Ethernet, but I know this other network called Device Net and I know this other one. How about a book on those?” And he goes, “Well, the readers aren’t asking for a book on those. They want an Ethernet book.” And I said, “Well, I don’t know either. Not that well.” And he goes, “Well. I really like your writing and if you want to do the research and figure it out and write the book

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It’s a good thing to do. I just don’t Germany Mobile Database want to do it.” And I thought I could do that. I’m making, what, 60 or $70,000 a year? 500 bucks. One article a month. Man, that’s like half my mortgage. Okay, I’m in. And so I started writing magazine articles, and the editors liked it.

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I’ll give you the book contract because I like what you do” and I like sort of altered ego, my marketing gurus, you know, in my head and I, I think most of them would tell me that this is a good idea, even though this is like a giant pain in the butt. I said okay. so I spent six months figuring out how Ethernet works so I could write an Ethernet book. And then I wrote this book called Industrial Ethernet: A Pocket Guide. And this is a niche, niche, niche, tiny niche market.

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