7 Content Projects, If You Finland WhatsApp Number List Managed Marketing for a Local Café

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7 Content Projects, If You Finland WhatsApp Number List Managed Marketing for a Local Café

Finland WhatsApp Number List
Finland WhatsApp Number List

I live around a lot of Finland WhatsApp Number List coffee shops.

The most inexpensive Finland WhatsApp Number List and convenient is Starbucks.

“Inexpensive” is self-explanatory, but it’s “convenient” for a couple of reasons.

It’s nearby and predictable.

I can get a cup of joe with a splash of soy milk at the lowest price around and it always tastes the same and satisfies my craving. (I’m not as picky about coffee as I am about the Oxford comma.)

But lately I’ve explored my other options.

I’d like to support local businesses, and maybe one of them is a nice place to work or relax.

Unfortunately, they all look roughly the same, which brings me back to the thought:

“I can get exactly what I want at Starbucks. Why try something new?”

It’s an objection that’s not unique to my search for a cool café.

To grow your audience of potential customers, challenge their instinct to stick with a familiar option — their go-to blog, podcast, or video channel.

You have to show that your platform is also a good fit for them.

I eventually did discover a café that I’m going to try this weekend, because their marketing persuaded me.

So, whether you’re managing the marketing for a brick-and-mortar business or a website in a crowded niche, here are seven content projects that help new people choose you.

1. The marketing litmus test


This project is an evaluation of your current content marketing strategy.

Some of the coffee shops I looked up had “Coming Soon” pages posted on the “Blog” sections of their websites.

I’d absolutely prefer to see that than a few crappy blog posts. We all know throwing some text up on a blog is not a strategy.

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Review your current plans to determine if they are content marketing and not just content.

  • Do your blog posts inspire engagement?
  • Do your blog posts keep visitors coming back to read or purchase?
  • Do your blog posts build community?

Subscribing to your blog should feel like a productive action that is going to guide that subscriber along their chosen path.

2. The intersection of phenomenal and familiar


When someone is looking for something new, they’re still going to gravitate toward their preferences.

A number of reviews of the café I chose to try said that friendly people work there.

While pleasant customer service should be a standard, coffee snobs are real.


Write the copy on your Home and About pages to match the taste of your ideal buyers before you customize your message.

3. The thoughtful choice

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

When I subscribed to Copyblogger in the early days of the site, I read Brian’s posts not because he was the only one writing about blogging and online marketing at the time, but because he quickly won me over with his approach.

His advice on those topics didn’t just present information, it made me think … and take notes … and think some more … then apply what I learned to my own business.

My Copyblogger blog subscription gave me the practical education that kept me hooked on the site.

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