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5 Steps to Increase Sales and Avoid Mistakes

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5 Steps to Increase Sales and Avoid Mistakes

As of March 2018, Google Play had over 3 million apps and Apple’s App Store had over 2 million. According to a study of the distribution of free Iran WhatsApp Number List and paid Android applications in the Google Play Store for the first quarter of 2018, we can conclude that 94.24% of all Android applications were available for users for free. According to a mobile market forecast by App Annie, by 2021, global consumer spending on mobile. Apps will exceed $139 billion; Statista estimates that in 2020, gross annual mobile app revenues will excee $189 billion. mobile app monetization models Base on these statistics, a paid version of an application can be an add-on to a freemium version, which we will discuss in this article, or be a separate paid product.

Therefore, you should consider that customers who pay for apps have higher expectations than those who download apps for free. Moreover, it is difficult for a paid application to compete with a free application, even if the interface of the free application contains annoying advertisements. How do apps make money if they’re free? Let’s consider popular methods for monetizing free apps. Your goal is income Currently, making money in apps has become even easier and more interesting.

Your Goal Is Income

But what app monetization strategy should you follow? This is strictly your choice. Let’s start with the traditional approach to making money with free apps . Free apps with ads Don’t assume a free app is bad for your business. First, users are always happy if they don’t need to pay for a cool app. Second, you can be a link between an advertiser and your users. If you make money from advertising, your goal is to sell ad space. In addition, you can offer your customers a paid version of your mobile application. That does not contain so-called intrusive advertisements. placing ads in your mobile app, you earn revenue every time an ad is shown (in other words, for every impression) as well as for clicks on an ad or when a user installs an app that is advertised. Benefits If your app is free, users will gladly download it.

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Free Apps With Ads

Iran WhatsApp Number List
Iran WhatsApp Number List

According to statistics, although about 20% of users say they usually click on ads in mobile apps, nearly two-thirds indicate a lack of interest in viewing ads in an app. With trial versions or free plans, you can spread information about your product to as many people as possible. First, you offer users the basic services of your product, then you promote the premium features.

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